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Impact on Organizational Citizenship - Case Study Example

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In this case study, the author demonstrates that leadership styles play an important role in the organizational cultures how a leader does, dedicates the success or failure of the company. Also, the author describes the Relationship between leadership styles and organizational culture…
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Impact on Organizational Citizenship
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Extract of sample "Impact on Organizational Citizenship"

Download file to see previous pages Organizational Culture is the set of shared values and beliefs that underlie a company’s identity.  It is basically the set of shared, taken-for-granted implicit assumptions that a group holds and that determines how it perceives, thinks about, and reacts to its various environments.
The organizational culture being followed at any organization is a picture of how and what their leaders are doing. The leadership style determines the type of organizational culture. Under different leadership styles we have got different organizational cultures.
Fashion Inc fostered an open culture and by large it succeeded in doing so. All employees were well integrated into the system and each individual and his/her thoughts were considered important. It promoted a rational approach to work where there are proper guidelines and procedures. Any problem with the employee be it work related or personal was listened to and the boys tried their best to give the solution to the problem. Top management encouraged a supportive culture to provide a satisfying work environment for employees so they can deliver their best. Employees were delegated through their work and the boss worked with the employees side by side.
Organizational heads sometimes do not realize that how important role the organizational climate plays on the financial performance of the company. It accounts for nearly one third of the financial performance according to some research studies. And the organizational climate of a company is a mixture of many things the organizational climate is made up by the leadership style of the manager how they are performing their job what Is their way of motivating, making decisions, initiating any big or small change in the organization,  gathering and using information and etc.
There are thus many different type of manager each doing their job in a particular way he thinks it best. But to see a broader picture there are basically six different types of leadership styles. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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