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An Assessment of Effectiveness of Dell's Organization Culture and Change - Essay Example

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An assessment of effectiveness of Dell’s organization culture and change (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Introduction It is believed that human resource is the driver of any organisation. A proficient workforce creates a foundation of an organisation…
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An Assessment of Effectiveness of Dells Organization Culture and Change
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Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, the concept of effectiveness should apply to all stakeholders in an organisation. This ensures harmony in all its operations, which has the end result of high performance. The current study examines the effectiveness exhibited by the dell management, in relation to how it has been able to effectively build an organisation culture, which pushed it up to its success. Background of the study In the past few decades, many organisations have changed their ways of doing business. This has been as a result of high competition. In particular, organisation culture and change has been one of the ways through which organizations have sought to focus on to maintain completive advantage (Harold 2009). In this regard, it is apparent that organisations have to analyse the best management practices through strategic plans that are aligned with organisation’s objectives, mission and vision statements (Hill & Jones 2008). These practices become a culture that an organisation should endorse and cling on in order to achieve its objectives (Dyck and Neubert 2010). However, due to increased and the emergence of new technologies, any organisation that needs to survive in highly competitive market has to embrace such technologies (Marr 2010). This means that organisations should also create a culture of adopting innovations that are in line with their objectives (Daft and Lane 2010). Analysis of output control: a concept of organization culture In order to have a spectrum of what organisation culture and change entails, it is crucial to first understand what organisation culture is. This is an internal environment that establishes a personality for the organisation, which plays a part in influencing the behavior of its members (Flamholtz and Randle 2011). These could be summed up to mean core values and fundamental beliefs or an organisation. Studies have documented that an organisation with a strong culture, members act with shared understandings and commitment to core values. Key elements of organisational culture involve innovation and risk taking, concern for people, team building and emphasis, and performance orientation (Phaditare 2011). With such deliberations, the focus of this paper will be on the case study on Dell Computers, which according to Bhattacharyya 2010, is argued to have been “able to achieve excellence by giving due emphasis on creating a positive work culture through pro-active human resource management practices” (18). In this regard, this paper aims at articulating on ways through which Dell’s organisational culture has enabled it achieve excellence. In order to have an efficient organization culture, an organization has to have efficient managers and the overall organizational structure. Dell’s organization structure is believed to forecast suitable performance in relation to its goals. For example, Dell’s reward system is linked to its goals, which help to motivate employees in order to improve performance. Nevertheless, Dell has created a culture of directions on each division on how to achieve its goals. Dell’s CEO Michael Dell, is argued to have tried to decentralize the authority to low-level employees. This has been an effective strategy that has facilitated company-customer relationship thus creating a customer service culture. Study objectives 1. To find out Dell’s elements of organ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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