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The team started well but after a few days of working together everything stopped going as planned and the project stopped due to ineffective teamwork. The project breakdown…
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Db5 team and leadership
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Factors that Promote and Hinder Teamwork s I remember working with a research team collecting data for a descriptive survey on child nutrition. The team started well but after a few days of working together everything stopped going as planned and the project stopped due to ineffective teamwork. The project breakdown could be as a result of both poor leadership and lack of commitment and loyalty among other team members. It was that as the project proceeded, leaders were somehow confused along the way and failed to provide proper guidance and leadership to other team members. As Shen (2002) argues, lack of inspiration among leaders can lead to ineffective teamwork and subsequent failure of any project. Other factors that might contribute to the teamwork failure include lack of open-mindedness and progressive thinking among team members (McCallin & Mike, 2009).
However, this is opposed to another experience I had with another team that was very successful from the start to end. Among the main factors that contributed to the success of the team was commitment to the goals of the project, good interpersonal skills and interdependence among team members. According to Tarricone & Luca (2002), interpersonal skills such as open discussions among team members, honesty, trust and respect are some of the most important factors that can enhance effective teamwork among members. However, the most crucial factor that helped the team become successful was communication among members. Open communication and positive feedback among the team members are important attributes for a successful team (Tarricone & Luca, 2002). All members of a particular team need to learn teamwork and be committed to targets, timelines and responsibilities set for the project. Such effectiveness can only be achieved through proper communication among team members.
McCallin, A., & Mike, M. (2009). Factors influencing team working and strategies to facilitate successful collaborative teamwork. NZ Journal of Physiotherapy, 37(2) , 61-67.
Shen, X. (2002). Factors Affecting Multifunctional Teams In Innovation Processes. Nothern Institute of Technology.
Tarricone, P., & Luca, J. (2002). Successful teamwork: A case study. HERDSA. Read More
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Db5 Team and Leadership Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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