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Experience of Working as a Project Assistant Manager - Essay Example

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The paper "Experience of Working as a Project Assistant Manager" highlights that the author had the opportunity of being appointed the group leader of the student’s discussion groups. Most of the students were very ambitious and worked smoothly to ensure they attained their goals. …
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Experience of Working as a Project Assistant Manager
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Extract of sample "Experience of Working as a Project Assistant Manager"

My experiences over the past four years as a project assistant manager have been mixed, to say the least. My experience has not been pleasing for the greater part since collaboration between members proved futile. In some occasions, I have enjoyed working on the company of various employees willing to embrace teamwork as a way of ensuring that we complete our projects in a timely fashion. Some employees have exercised patience, honesty, hard work, professionalism, and courteousness. They are always willing to encourage others who do not have such qualities by working together as a team so that the project could succeed. Others usually report late, hardly understands instructions, show signs of unwillingness, and lack of commitment. These are some of the challenges I have encountered as an assistant project manager. Warren & Biederman (1997) believes that sometimes, it is difficult to bring the employees on board to work together.
Conversely, I have had numerous occasions when I have worked successfully with different people at the university. I suppose it was easy to work with the students since they were eager to attain high grades in their final examination; they were all geared towards a general path, success. Working with the students was easy because they understood that the team is capable of broadening what individuals can do. They also understood that teamwork improves efficacy, creates a wider range of ideas, provides relief when someone has a problem, and team member learns skills from their colleagues (Katzenbach & Douglas, 1993). Read More
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