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Critical Skills of Senior Executive Assistants - Case Study Example

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Name: 2 parts Advertisement done with log for the financial review in Sydney and a case study report Professor: Institution: Date: 2 parts Advertisement done with log for the financial review in Sydney and a case study report Executive summary Executive assistants mingle about office duties like typing, scheduling meetings and taking calls…
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Critical Skills of Senior Executive Assistants
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"Critical Skills of Senior Executive Assistants"

Download file to see previous pages Most employers were from colleges, universities and other academic institutions, with average earnings of $44680. Becoming an executive assistant one requires to have some educational credentials to succeed in the dynamic business market. Some common courses include typing, computer applications, business law, records and information management, office administration and business communication. Table of Contents 2 parts Advertisement done with log for the financial review in Sydney and a case study report 1 Executive summary 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Critical Skills of Senior Executive Assistants 3 Writing Skills 3 Project Management Skills 4 Financial Skills 5 Benefits, salary, and salary packaging options 6 Salary Trends 6 Conclusion 7 Bibliography 9 Introduction An executive assistant plays a crucial role in an organisation. In the ever changing business environment, it is the executive assistant’s job to assist the key decision maker to stay focused, effective and a better leader. The key skills of this position are excellent communication, creativity and ability to work independently (Yukl, 1998; Zeng, 2011, pp 2 –93; Priem, 1994, pp 421–437). ...
cruit an office manager, this position has three direct officers; the receptionist and two administrative staff (Scarborough, & Zimmerer,2006;Shimek & Wen,2008). Critical Skills of Senior Executive Assistants In the ever changing office environment, the critical skills required of an effective senior executive assistant is communication. How the incumbent interacts with peers and other decision makers is paramount on how ideas exchange across the organisation. Other vital skills are interpersonal effectiveness, project management skills, financial planning abilities, and effective writing skills (Torrington & Hall, 2004, pp. 205; Drew, 2007, pp359-369). Writing Skills Effective writing skills are particularly essential for an office manager to put the right words on paper quickly. Therefore, they must be able to communicate more clearly, concisely and persuasively. Words matter and an effective office assistant must learn, develop and enhance how to use them. The key areas that require effective principle of writing are: successful correspondence, message shaping, writing to the point, avoiding writing traps, diplomacy and politics, refining the writing and managing minutes in a meeting (Eije ,2006; Eisenhardt,1989, pp 57-7; Fan, Wong, & Zhang,2007, pp 330-357). Communication Skills An outstanding executive assistant should possess soft skills and abilities to maximise appropriate communication skills for personal and professional potential. The positive traits needed include; self awareness, personal openness, conflict handling, frustration and stress control, assertiveness and making commitments to development. Appropriate communication skills are key to developing a positive image, giving and receiving feedback, presenting ideas with confidence and clarity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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