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Catalyst Health Solutions Success - Essay Example

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The paper "Catalyst Health Solutions Success" states that the key legacy the CEO David Blair will leave behind is the organisational culture that encourages each employee to be a role model to colleagues, which promotes communication across all levels…
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Catalyst Health Solutions Success
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Extract of sample "Catalyst Health Solutions Success"

Aged below 40 years, the CEO of Catalyst Health Solutions (CHS) in the United States and Puerto Rico, David Blair is among the youngest leaders that of organisations with over 1,000 employees and revenues worth $3.2 billion. The International Institute of Management pointed out three key characteristics that an effective CEO must-have, and they included personality strength, leadership skills and decision-making skills, all of which Blair has exhibited and not in any particular order (Jones, 2014). With CHS being in the health insurance sector, Blair has used his decision-making skills on a multi-dimensional level to navigate his company through the ever-dynamic external and internal forces that drive the insurance business. With experience accumulated from 1997, he is able to predict market trends and align his employees with the least disruptions. This is helped by his personality strengths, which include resilience and ambition in a fiercely competitive industry. Further, he has the leadership skills to balance organisational relationships, even when it is in conflict with the interests of stakeholders’.
Involving all levels in an organizations hierarchy in conducting market research leads motivation simply by participating (Tittemore, 2003). Blair used that strategy, which resulted in the development of the supplemental benefits programs that realised record growth. He also insists on the organisation to hire and maintain the best professionals in the sector who are capable of, like himself, working with and inspiring all colleagues.  Read More
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Catalyst Health Solutions Success Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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