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History Channel - Engineering an Empire - Greece in the Age of Alexander - Essay Example

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The ancient Greece has seen the rise of greatest innovations in the field of engineering which have made them strongest empire of the world. Some of their technologies are still used by the people of our 21st…
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History Channel - Engineering an Empire - Greece in the Age of Alexander
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History Channel - Engineering an Empire - Greece in the Age of Alexander

Download file to see previous pages... He employed the latest technology in making new weaponry and reforming the old in such a way that it carries more power and can have strong ain at the enemies from miles of distances. He has a core of engines who are dedicated to build new machineries and weapons. The special weapons that were made by the king Phillip II were the spear and the catapults. The spears are a long wooden stick with a pointed leaf like head made of iron which can definitely stop the opponent in the war field from a distance and the catapults are a type belly shooter stationary bow mounted on a tripod which was capable of targeting the enemies with enormous force compared to traditional bow and arrow system. Along with advanced weapons, King Phillip II had a well-disciplined army that were used organized in small rectangular format and moving slowly with the spears (BBC, 2014).
Alexander, son of Phillip, was well aware of the fact that he lived in the age of innovation in Greek warfare and conquered Egypt to India transforming the vain of Civilization into a New Greek world. He conquered Persia, the Greek lifelong enemy but what was most challenging for him was to conquer the country of Tyre which was a small island city. The engineers of the Alexander made a bridge from the mainland to the island and unleashed the most spectacular innovation in the field of weapons at that time named as Siege Tower. It was a kind of multi storied armour car that moved on wheels. It was fire proof from outside and from it inside it has a central staircase which leads to different platforms levels having wide range of machinery projected toward the enemy.
Alexander concentrated technological development not only in innovation but also in every ways of life in all cities while establishing the best way to live. The engineers created the great coliseum for theatres where about 14000 people can be entertained. In addition to that the structures of the cities were reformed creating wide lanes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(History Channel - Engineering an Empire - Greece in the Age of Essay)
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