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Using the grading form displayed above, James Anderson, a supervisor with one of the companies that worked for in the past can be classified as having excellent interpersonal skills, earned values and leadership skills. On the earned values, the supervisor can be deemed as…
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Employee Grading Form of the Employee…………. Department……………………… of the Reviewer…………..
Date of Review………………….
Leadership Skills
Excellent (3pts)
Fair (1pt)
Poor (0pt)
Communication Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Excellent (3pts)
Fair (1pt)
Poor (0pt)
Creative Thinking
Earned Values
Excellent (3pts)
Fair (1pt)
Poor (0pt)
Work Consistency
Work Quality
Using the grading form displayed above, James Anderson, a supervisor with one of the companies that worked for in the past can be classified as having excellent interpersonal skills, earned values and leadership skills. On the earned values, the supervisor can be deemed as excellent because he was always punctual and displayed work consistency. In addition, the named supervisor was also always creative and his work, which led to high quality work. In his work, the supervisor was also punctual and was only late when sick or in an unavoidable circumstances.
On interpersonal skills, the supervisor score 15 marks out of the total 15 since he was excellent in all of the five areas used to judge the interpersonal skills. The supervisor was flexible since it was possible for him to work with people from different culture. In addition, the supervisor could also work in different environmental conditions. The supervisor was also encouraging and also showed much empathy to those under him and his fellow employees. When faced with problems or when others were in need of help from the supervisor, he always dealt with the situation in a creative way.
Apart from the named skills, James Anderson, the supervisor under review also emerged as excellent in all the leadership skills used in the scale. This is because the supervisor was honest, confident and always cooperated with other employees in order to have a task completed. The supervisor also showed excellent communication skills, was confident and committed in his supervisory roles. Read More
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MGMT499 U3 DB Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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