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A centralized functioning creates problems not only in the employees’ end, but also to the end-users. Several reasons cause the functionality back office of the company…
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MGMT436 U4 DB1 External Consultant
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External Consultant The analysis of the case reveals problems that the financial services departments of global business face. A centralized functioning creates problems not only in the employees’ end, but also to the end-users. Several reasons cause the functionality back office of the company to suffer, and they include, first, the global operations that demands high changes in its services. Since customers get better services in the local areas, they are not willing to offer the changes. Second, employees’ inefficiency that creates a work backlog and insufficient service at the customers. Timeliness, cost and quality of services causes complaints. Thirdly, glowing internal expenses and cost of services are growing every year due management of global operations managements (Hughes, 1990).
The internal consulting team finds what is lacking by analyzing and surveying the mentioned problems. Considerable persistence was taken to get the results. The following changes were made to create a correct structure. The task was restructured and done correctly by identifying loopholes in the functional setup. The ‘functional’ setup was slow since it lacked compliance. The task is made customer focused by restructuring towards geographic groups.
The change factors that were addressed shows successfully that particular jobs were readjusted to conform with the job enrichment tenets, which have a complete customer focus rather than focusing on the functional expertise. The approach still calls for more improvements. Measurements were instituted to help focus on the productivity improving and quality. Though it worked well, there are still personnel problems and a slow corporation.
The following factors need more attentions than the others. Despite the changes and the suggestions, the following factors need to be worked upon. They are, curbing the ever rising expenses, dealing with low cooperation from employees and, handling the personal problems of the employees.References
Hughes, L. (1990). Assessing organizational culture: Strategies for the external consultant, 25(1), 15--19. Read More
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