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EXTERNAL CONSULTANCY FOR STAFFING SERVICES (Name of Institution) Many companies seek to alter their strategic business and corporate plans to move away from the traditional methods and create a homogeneous performance plan. Tanglewood seeks to change its staffing quantity and quality strategies to fit the current state of the market…
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External consultant for staffing services
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, it is highly advised that the company adopts the culture of both acquisition and development of talent. This is the case because since all employees, full time or part time, are part of the workforce, there will always be vacancies that can never be filled by someone already present in the company. That is why the company human resource has to source from the external professionals. After acquiring this talent, it is highly recommended that the company develops this talent to the level of operation required. This is the only way to develop the culture of the company because Saari, Lise and Timothy (2004) indicated that employees tend to be part of a company culture when they are developed within the company. Top managers like the regional managers should therefore never be acquired but developed from within. Lag or Lead System The company should strictly continue with the lead system. Human resource experts indicate that customers tend to be part of a company when all its stores are operating in a homogeneous way. Tanglewood is experiencing a situation where some branch HR managers are adapting their own way of running their branches. It is this lack of uniformity that creates customer confusion among the different branches (Cooper & Burke, 2011). No doubt the company had to hire a consulting firm to help develop the missing team work. Given the competitive industry that the company is operating in, it is easy for huge companies like Wal-Mart to acquire Tanglewood one day. Another advantage of leading is that the company president is able to easily co-ordinate all the branch activities since there is a high rate of cognizable and unified operating systems. With the company operating 243 stores in 15 divisions, lack of homogeneity can create a drop in communication between the stores. Moreover, the company elements were taken from those of the other firms in the industry. A strong counterproductive initiative by any of the competitors based on these elements would be extremely dangerous to the company. External or Internal Hiring The company organizational structure is said to be that which a familiar hierarchy. It is said to be a deceptive structure in that most of the decisions come from the subordinates. Moreover, there is always a directive that assistant store managers should always give instructions to their juniors. Therefore, owing to this, the company is supposed to create two hiring avenues. The first avenue is where the senior management teams are never hired from the external setting. Secondly, the very junior management teams like the store and operations associates are hired from the external setting. This is important to making sure that the culture of the company is developed. In view of Wilton (2010), when a vacant position opens aup at the top management, there is need to promote someone in the repective lower position to cover up for that. The resultant view will be that each employee in the respective lower position will be promoted leaving the lowest position vacant. This is the position that would involve external hiring. Core or Flexible Workforce From the case information, the company is said to maintain a core work force, whether temporary or permanent. From a professional perspective, much as it is the will of the company to develop a core ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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