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MGMT499 1 DB - Research Paper Example

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An aspiring leader is someone to whom an individual can look up to and desire to be like in terms of success. In other words, an aspiring leader is a person whose achievements display a high level of…
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MGMT499 1 DB
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"MGMT499 1 DB"

Download file to see previous pages Jeff Bezos is also another aspiring leader. The leader is the chief executive officer of Amazon. The CEO is achieving significant transaction deals. The director bought The Washington Post, and Amazon is yielding billions of returns. The leader also stated that Apple is testing drones that will be useful in making delivering products to the customers within thirty minutes.
The chief executive of Apple, Tim Cook, is an uninspiring person according to the Business Insider and the Benzinga journals. The CEO is the reason the Apple Company is experiencing too many employee departures. The other leader, who is uninspiring, is the Cuban president Raul Castro. The reason is underlying the statements that the leader is said to be reluctant and appears to be ruling in an incompetent way. The reference also leads to many people questioning his ability to govern. The person who appointed the leader, Mr. Fidel, is the one who pointed out that Raul is poor in delivering any speech. The president also is incapable of delivering real messages to reporters especially those who are from foreign countries (Latell, January 21, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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