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The human relations management of Cirque Du Soleil club - Case Study Example

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This document covers the management of Cirque Du Soleil club that adopted human relations theory of providing employees the best resources and, consequently, retaining them. Cirque’s strategy to apply the classical management theory to recognize employees’ ranks was a success, as well…
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The human relations management of Cirque Du Soleil club
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Extract of sample "The human relations management of Cirque Du Soleil club"

Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that human resource management refers to a sequence of organized administrative activities aimed at addressing all concerns of an organization’s employees. Human resource management has a central role in the attaining strategic objectives set by an organization. According to Armstrong an organization’s objectives are achievable through the application of strategic perspective to the management of its employees. Armstrong defines the strategic approach to employees management as a process involving integrated human resource policies and practical practices. Strategic perspective to management of human resource involves measured development and implementation of viable practices, procedures and systems to attain set objectives. Business environments are undergoing transformations from trends such as globalization, prompting the application of strategic perspectives to human resource management. Strategic application of appropriate human resource management theories is fundamental in achieving an organization’s goals as advocated by Sims. Theoretical foundations to managing an organization’s employees form the basis of practice. Martocchio, Joshi and Liao emphasize the effectiveness of implementing the employee relations perspective in strategic human resource management. The classical theory explained by Rao and Krishna is similarly imperative in ensuring strategic management of an organization’s employees. The systems theory applied in human resource management is important in realizing the organization’s goals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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