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Cirque du Soleil - Case Study Example

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This case study analysis of, Cirque du Soleil is aimed at identifying and analyzing the staffing practices Adopted by the Company . The following lines will initially contain a discussion on the Strategic issues which are seen to impact staffing at Cirque du Soleil has also been described in detail how the company , can conduct and implement proper strategic staffing policies , recruitment , retention , and termination of employees and other issues relating to this matter .
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Cirque du Soleil
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Extract of sample "Cirque du Soleil"

Download file to see previous pages (Cascio, W. (1998) Modes of communications are extremely open and the authorities that certain hierarchical titles could impose are practically imaginary. And a Cirque du Soleil core value is respect for cultural diversity. Inspite of the incessant growth that the company has experienced, it has always known how to ensure solidity among employees and maintain a strong sense of belonging. Cirque had tried decentralizing management into three regional divisions
The management at Cirque Du Soleil aims at providing "presenting a unique blend of creation and the performing arts, of architecture and the arts in general." the company had only one goal with respect to the customer: "When a customer enters the big top, he will have an experience he will never forget." the management by creating an employee newsletter, la boule, composed of employee submissions that were uncensored.
The company's basic objective is to provide an affordable form of entertainment to the audience. Basically, by reinventing the concept of circus. By employing new and innovative individuals with unique skills in the business , companies can expect profits to rise . Payne, T. (2000)
The casting director for Cirque, said it was a constant challenge to find the right artists Cantin tried to select artists to fit into the currently conceived productions, she also looked for their potential contributions to future productions at Cirque. Recruiting sources are methods used by organizations to transmit information about open positions to potential applicants (Breaugh 1992). Traditionally trained artists learned, often for the first time, to perform in an intensely multicultural background (A.R. (2002). When hiring artists from different countries, Cantin took into consideration what their no artistic needs were. During auditions, Cantin tried to measure two key dimensions besides pure talent: "Can they continue to develop" and "Can they be generous in the show" The paradox of hiring people, who were really good at what they did, for what they did have to be aligned with the primary work of the organization.
Management Level:
This can actually get pretty complex and in order to carry this out the Staff at human resource department need to carry out staffing activities. This can be done through the training of employees, recruitment of new employees, rotation of the current employees, lying of f of any staff that can be deemed extra. The bottom line is to get the right staff, with the right skills at the right place.' Management is about coping with complexity' (Gabarro, 1992)
Thus, it can be concluded that the Strategic staffing process are easy to use and implement and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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