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Lowering Employee Turnover and Improving Customer Service at Green Park Hotel - Case Study Example

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This paper focuses on lowering employee turnover and improving customer service at Green Park hotel after intensive research. The existing problem addressed, a research plan, and a schedule stipulated, and an overview of the qualifications and experience in solving the problem will be presented…
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Lowering Employee Turnover and Improving Customer Service at Green Park Hotel
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Extract of sample "Lowering Employee Turnover and Improving Customer Service at Green Park Hotel"

Download file to see previous pages The good customer service, specialization in various departments, and strong links among various staff members gave Green Park Hotel an indomitable reputation (Testa, 2008). The above combination placed Green Park much ahead of its competitors. However, things have changed in the recent past with the most notable transformation being high employee turnover. In fact, the hotel replaces employees almost on a weekly basis. Moreover, the hotel has lost a huge stake in its market capitalization. Competitors are drowning a huge part of the once large market. Customers have hurled several complaints at our employees, and some have even gone ahead to publicize how some of our services have deteriorated.
It is true from my assessment that interpersonal attachment among various staff members has reduced. Employees seem to have lost morale and are in the wake of looking for other hotels or ventures that can best satisfy their needs. Customers have started complaining about the disregard by some employees, slow rate of service, rude waiters/waitresses, unpalatable dishes, and long queues at the reception. This has led customers opting for competing firms that have bettered their service delivery and made their dishes delicious, and prioritized customer needs. The high employee turnover could be due to very few or declined sources of employee motivation, low salaries that do not match the current rate of inflation, and lack of good coordination within the organization (Skabelund, 2008).
As a team, we want to investigate deeper and find out among possible reasons, which one or which ones are applying to our case. This will be done through a thorough, well-planned layout discussed below. We have done everything possible to ensure that we do not leave anything for chance and that by the end of the research, we get a viable solution to our problem. Having identified this problem, the root cause, and possibly a solution to it can be found. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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