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Improving Customer Service at Hotels - Term Paper Example

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This essay explores how to improve customer service at hotels. This paper has such sections: problem or the issues faced by hotels; cause of the issue; alternative solution of the problems; pros and cons of the solutions; recommendations; implementation of solutions…
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Improving Customer Service at Hotels
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Extract of sample "Improving Customer Service at Hotels"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that service delivery is the main issue which arises most often in case of the hotel industry. The persons responsible to deliver the state of the art service are either not efficient enough to do so or the service delivered is not effective enough. They sometimes lack the skill to generate client satisfaction. The clients often show dissatisfaction with the menu list or the price list charged against the dishes the hotels offer. Many hotels charge a much higher price for their breakfast for example in case the customer prefers to have an omelet then he or she will be charged double the price that is being charged on the street. Some other problems are related to crunch in parking space and the high rate charged for providing the internet connections. The customers who visit frequently to the hotels especially the business clients mainly face the problem of lack of outlets for charging of their phones and laptops since they do not find the place for charging their gazettes. When the hotel authorities fail to provide satisfactory services to the customers as per the terms and conditions that are agreed upon, they often claim for a refund and this is critical for the authorities. The hotel authority is also alleged for the false and misguiding information that is provided about the company in the website, magazines etc, the amenities and the price structure of the hotel is sometimes misleading since the price and the amenities that are provided in the advertisement is not offered in reality. Therefore the customers or the clients have to suffer while visiting the hotel on the basis of the advertisement that is published, the behavior of the employees or the staff in the hotel is not always up to the expectation. At times they behave very rudely with the clients and it hampers the goodwill, image, and reputation of the hotels. The hotels are required to focus on the quality of the service that is provided. They need to take urgent care in taking measurements to improve the quality of the services offered and the food that is provided by the hotel to its customers or the clients. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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