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Quality Management: Environmental Sigma, ISO, EFQM models impacts owners and customer value creation in 5 star hotel in Europe - Research Paper Example

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The concept of quality management entails the supervision and control of various activities in any business activity in order to ensure that the overall…
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Quality Management: Environmental Sigma, ISO, EFQM models impacts owners and customer value creation in 5 star hotel in Europe
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Extract of sample "Quality Management: Environmental Sigma, ISO, EFQM models impacts owners and customer value creation in 5 star hotel in Europe"

Download file to see previous pages are usually charged with the responsibility of promoting quality management in a manner that promotes the achievement of a common goal of the business. Specifically, the hospitality and tourism industry have developed the concept of quality control in order to enhance their productivity and service provision.
This research will be basically concerned with quality control measures applied in the hotel industries in Europe in the Rooms Division Management Department. The research question is: What are the impacts of quality management tools applied in the Rooms Division Management Department on customers and managers?
Moreover, various universal standardization tools will also be discussed in this research in relation to the research question that is; this discussion will explore the impacts of the benchmarks set by International Standardization Organization on customer values creation and hotel managers in five star hotels in Europe. It will also examine other quality management tools such as Environmental Sigma and the Model set by the European Foundation for Quality Management.
This research will explore secondary sources concerning various quality management tools applied in the hotel industry. A variety of internet and documented sources of information on the research question will form the pillar of this research in that: They will act as imperative sources of information as well as for references. Therefore, the fundamental research, methodology in this discussion will be qualitative research conducted to explore various issues ascribed to quality management.
Consequently, the research will give various examples of 5 star hotels in Europe, specifically, in Switzerland that have employed the use of quality management tools and their impacts on management processes as well as customer value creation. For instance; Park Hyatt et cetera. The relationship between these quality management tools will also be explored in the discussion; gaps emerging will also be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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