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Organisational culture refers to a system that focuses on a shared meaning among all the members in an organisation distinguishing it from other organisations (Leatherbarrow, Fletcher & Currie, 2010). Based on this assumption, Zara has managed to align its organisational culture…
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Lesson 3: Different Organisations:Learning Check 2 [3HRCL3LC2]: Understanding Culture(3HRC UNIT)
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Topic: Understanding Culture Organisational culture refers to a system that focuses on a shared meaning among all the members in an organisation distinguishing it from other organisations (Leatherbarrow, Fletcher & Currie, 2010). Based on this assumption, Zara has managed to align its organisational culture in an effective and efficient manner over the years. At Zara the concept of teamwork is highly regarded as all the employees work together to accomplish all their work duties successfully. To this effect, when a new product wants to be introduced, it is designed, created and then critiqued in the shortest time possible. This is a process, which is collectively done by all the employees. Zara is keen on ensuring that the employees are well-suited to deal with all the customers. The employees are required to adapt a humble nature that allows them to accept feedback from each other as well as share credit for the winning ideas. Amancio Ortega who is one of the founders adapted an autocratic leadership style whereby the aspect of power revolved around him. It is because of the autocratic nature of his leadership that Zara has managed to grow tremendously over the years with all the present managers adapting the style. These standards have established a strong organisational culture for Zara, which have enabled it to continuously grow in the market (Forgaard, 2010).
Focusing on the fashion retail industry, H&M is an organization that is also worldly recognized just as Zara. H&M organisational culture revolves among various enduring values. To start with, employees are encouraged to explore their boundaries and also put in more effort in bringing up new ideas. The employees are encouraged to show team spirit and be straightforward in their operations. To be in line with the values of the organisation, all employees undergo a training session. The leadership style of H&M has also been labelled as autocratic whereby the power revolves around the managers but over the years there have been some traces of democratic leadership in which the employees and customers were allowed to make some decisions. H&M ensures that that there is cultural diversity among all the employees thus managing to cater for all its branches in different countries. It is worth noting that Zara & H&M are competitors in the fashion industry but based on the organizational culture Zara has managed to stay on top of the game. Therefore, it is quite clear that organizational culture is an important aspect in any organisation.
Forgaard, K. (2010). The strong organizational culture at Zara.
Leatherbarrow, C., Fletcher, J., & Currie, D. (2010). Introduction to human resource
management: a guide to HR in practice. London, Chartered.
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