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Lesson Plans - Essay Example

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In every lessons attended be it at the elementary or advance levels of education, there has to be a well prepared lesson plan that guide the teacher or lecturer throughout the lesson. Actually, without a lesson plan, teaching can be very difficult as the teacher will not…
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Lesson Plans
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Extract of sample "Lesson Plans"

Download file to see previous pages In the grade two lesion plan, there has to the overall time and the time spread out to give room for various activities involved in the teaching process. Nevertheless, the paper is aimed at deriving a lesson plan that will enable the students to achieve their learning objective in a physics class.
1 hour will be for interaction between the students and the lecturer on the subject (matter) giving examples of matter. This would equip the lecture with better perception of where the lecturer should start from in the next lesson.
Students at this level will dwell more on the similarities and differences that tend to exist amongst the state of non- living matter. The comparison in this case will be in relation to their chemical and molecular structures.
1. To enable all students to actively participate in the class through question- answer engagement. Trying to ask them to present and answer some of the questions related to non- living matter or some related scientific concepts.
The lesson will be based on liquid state of matter. However, after the definitive introduction, the lecturer should clarify on how the various characteristics of liquids depend on the molecular components.
Students at this level will dwell more on the similarities and differences that tend to exist amongst the state of liquids. The comparison in this case will be in relation to their chemical and molecular structures.
The lesson plan is based on non living matter. In physics students should be aware that non living matter is divided into three states namely liquid, solid and gaseous states. Considering the current state of the economy we realize that most of the industrial products, tools and equipments are derived from the study of physics for instance in the manufacturing sector (Patton, 2008, p. 129). In accordance with the lesson plan, the students are supposed to have not only the basic information on non living matter but also be able to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The students plan to be part of the Australian community, some of the learners have University degrees in their native language and they intend to continue with their studies after finishing this course.
The aim of the activity: Demonstrate understanding of the main information in articles, understanding of detailed information, and understanding of headline, discuss the information and answer the questions.
The learner in the first exercise will learn about the pronouns in general, they will try to use the personal pronoun in each sentence. In the second exercise, they will try to make this text more natural by rewriting the whole text again and change the nouns to pronoun if it is necessary. Then they learn more in d...
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