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Why Do Teachers Plan Their Lessons Why is Planning Important - Coursework Example

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here are various reasons that can make us discover the importance of lesson planning. According to Richards &Renandya (2002), lesson plans are systematic records of a teacher’s thoughts about what is to be covered during a particular lesson…
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Why Do Teachers Plan Their Lessons Why is Planning Important
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Download file to see previous pages For a teacher to make a good lesson plan, it is necessary that he reflect on what the need of the students in that particular lesson will be so that he can be able to accommodate them in his plan. Although educationalist regards lesson planning as very important in ensuring an effective teaching a learning process during a lesson, some theorists suggests that it is not a good idea since it creates a more fixed teacher centered lessons thus reducing the chance of the students understanding (ITTT 2011). The reasons why lesson planning is an important task can be revealed by looking at the way in which the lesson plan helps the three categories of people involved in a learning process. These three categories of people include the students, the teachers and the principals and supervisors. These three categories of people derive different benefits when a lesson plan is used during a lesson. The reasons for the importance of the lesson plan contributed by its benefits to other people rather than the teacher himself who is making it can be regarded as external reason while those that result from the benefits that the teacher himself would gain can be regarded as internal reasons. ...
As indicated by previous researches the teachers who prepare the lesson plans always go to class with a better understanding of what they are going to teach compared to those who do not. It also indicates that the teachers who use lesson plan are able to obtain a wide range of knowledge about the subject matter in which to teach about before undertaking the lesson. This enables this kind of teachers to be able to run the teaching process effectively and thus enhancing the learning process among their students. The lesson plan also enables the lesson to run smoothly. Since in a lesson plan each activity is allocated its time a teacher can easily be able to ensure that the lesson is ran smoothly without major interruptions. Moreover, since the activities in a lesson plan are sequentially arranged a lesson plan can help a teacher to avoid running his lesson in a confused manner thus increasing the effectiveness of his teaching process. When the teaching process is run in an orderly and smooth manner, the learning process among the students is enhanced and thus resulting to a greater understanding among the students about the subject matter being taught. Another internal reason why a lesson plan is important is that it can enable a teacher to anticipate problems before they happen.If a lesson plan is well prepared, it is believed that it can enable the teacher to reflect about what problems he anticipates to encounter during a lesson. This is because it reflects on the past such lesson that the teacher held with those particular student, what was achieved in those lesson and the problems that were encountered. When the teacher is able to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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