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Work-life Balance In The Global Human Resource Management - Coursework Example

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Here work means the pressure and stress related to their profession and their ambition and life style means their health, family, leisure time,…
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Work-life Balance In The Global Human Resource Management
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Download file to see previous pages These components are change management, stress management, technology management, leisure management, self management and time management. If any employee’s mental health is sick then the work will be affected. There will not be any kind of outcomes even if the employee works hard. To keep all these factors in mind employers now arrange the work schedule in such a way so that every employee should get some time for their own and personal purpose. The management of many companies also arrange vacation trips for the employees or provide vacation allowances to the employees for enjoying the trip with their families in a relaxed mood.
Here in the two mentioned case studies one common sentence can be found. This is ‘the work life balance’. In one case study this is observed that a person’s professional life has been changed after death of her daughter in an accident. Before this accident Mrs. Hughes was involved only in her work and spent most of the time to develop her career path. But after that tragedy she realized that apart from work she has to do something which will be beneficial for the society and through this process she will get mental satisfaction. She began a safety campaign along with her professional work. The main objective of this campaign is to reduce the risk factors at railway crossings. Her campaign got significant success at this work. As per the view of many people this can be said that any incident in personal life will affect the work life also. If there is something wrong with a person then his ability of work will be reduced in a significant way (Kramar and Syed, 2012). Personal experience most of the time change the behaviour towards work. Some people do not want to share his personal stories in the work place. That is fine but communication with the peer group apart from work related matter is necessary. This will help to reduce the work load ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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