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Integrating Strategy, Management and Change Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Performance Management, Globalization and Competitive Strategy 4 Two Theoretical Perspectives for Strategic Performance Measurement 5 Strategic Control and Performance Measurement 6 Strategy and Measurement 7 Performance Prism 8 Balanced Scorecard 9 Clarifying Strategy 10 Communicating Strategic Objectives 10 Aligning Strategic Initiatives 10 Key Performance Gaps 10 Customers 11 Financial Perspective 11 Internal Business Process 12 Learning and Growth 13 Key Success Factor for Balance Scorecard 14 Use of Balanced Scorecard in Developing and Refining Strategy 15 Implicit Success Model 15 Market 18 Product 18 Reso…
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Integrating Strategy, Management and Change (Strategy Development)
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Download file to see previous pages Academic researchers have pointed out significance of performance measurement in terms of both practical and theoretical perspective. The concept of performance measurement is multidimensional because the model incorporates not only accounting literature but other management fields like operation & production management, marketing and strategic management also. Organizational theory model played crucial role in developing performance measurement models such as Key Performance Indicator, Balance Scorecard and Performance Prism. Problem with the literature review of performance measurement is isolation because of disparate and fragmented findings of research scholars. Researchers have tried to create a link between Organizational effectiveness (OE) and performance measurement but unfortunately only a few of them have succeeded. Academic scholars have argued that organizational effectiveness plays cordial role for designing non financial elements of performance measurement tools. In 2000, Flamholtz and Aksehirli proposed a relationship between financial aspect of performance measurement and organizational success model. They analyzed both financial and non financial elements of balanced scorecard in order to test the hypothesized relationship. They tested eight pairs of companies of various industries and Average Return on Equity was used as an indicator of financial performance. They used Friedman two way variance analysis and found statistically significant relationship between financial aspect of performance measurement and organizational success model (Flamholtz, 2003, pp. 15-26). Two Theoretical Perspectives for Strategic Performance Measurement Multidimensionality of performance always creates rift for deploying strategic performance measurement models. Multidimensionality of performance is exemplified due to involvement of complex financial and non financial elements. There is a common belief in the field of performance measurement that if the new models such as Balance scorecard or Performance prism are implemented, there will be overall organizational performance improvement (Bourne et al., 1999, pp. 373-95). Unfortunately the belief is partially true because impact of performance management is very much influenced by organizational objective. The study will be incomplete without mentioning impact subsystems in performance measurement. Researchers have pointed out that deploying enterprise strategic performance management is far more effective in comparison to strategic performance measurement. In 2005, Neely has argued business leaders need to adopt dynamic, flexible and capable strategic performance measurement model in order to cope with dynamics of external environment (Neely, 2005, pp. 1264-77). In 1993, Platts has presented a holistic approach of strategic performance measurement in terms of virtuous cycle of learning organization. Research scholars (Slack, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Integrating Strategy, Management and Change (Strategy Development) Research Paper.
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