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Global Strategic Managment - Essay Example

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This paper talks that in the present days, globalisation has become one of the significant drivers in business. Globalisation can be defined by the acceleration and addition of inter-reliance of financial and commercial actions through national limitations…
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Global Strategic Managment
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Download file to see previous pages The paper will also seek to analyse the key elements of the strategies taken by Kodak in order to develop the business. Global Strategic Management With the rapidity of globalisation, organisations operating in international market cannot delay till the local marketplace becomes unappealing or unbeneficial; rather they need to make proactive movements to capture the advantages of global market. Even organisations which do not operate globally, framing and applying a strategy which focuses exclusively on the local competitors and local customers, cannot assure the maintenance of strategic competitiveness in future. Shifting from local to global strategy is a challenging task and generates various difficulties. The major problem in implementing global strategy is to develop one exclusive approach which can be used throughout the international business and can keep flexibility to adjust in the local business environment (Mellahi & et. al., 2012). Drivers for Global Strategy The extent to which a multinational company adopts the global strategy is regulated by three major aspects which are ‘macro globalising drivers’, external drivers and internal drivers. The macro globalising driver has a general influence and is not specific to particular businesses or organisations. The external globalising driver controls the internationality of an organisation, industry, or market. Ultimately, the internal drivers determine how an organisation responds with the international business environment. The combination of these drivers can be unique for every organisation (Mellahi & et. al., 2012). Macro Globalising Drivers In theory, there are two major macro globalising drivers which are globalisation and information communication...
This paper approves that industry globalism is generally determined by the global marketing context. In industry globalism, the strategic performance of organisations relies on the global competitive framework inside an industry. The photographic industry is labelled as moderate level of industry globalism where there are few interdependencies between markets, consumers and dealers. This kind of industry is subjugated by several multinational organisations.
This essay makes a conclusion that globalisation or localisation is a significant business decision that multinational organisations are facing nowadays in order to gain competitive advantage. Standardisation and localisation have their own benefits and importance for multinational organisations. With respect to Kodak, it had transformed its business operations through adopting digital growth strategy. Several drivers had played vital parts in the globalisation and localisation for Kodak such as technology, market, competition and cost. With the successful blending of different strategic elements such as new product development, marketing activities, acquisition, and cost control, Kodak is attempting to maintain its position in the digital photographic industry. Kodak was very slow to react to the trend of globalisation and thus was late to adopt the digital technology. The increasing trend of globalisation has made Kodak to globalise the business operations and adjust with the local business environments in order to compete with the strong competitors in the market. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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