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Strategic Financial Management for Global Markets - Dissertation Example

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The notion of strategic thinking in the business domain includes set of different issues which are linked between each other.The paper "Strategic Financial Management for Global Markets" is aimed at providing a detail description of different strategic financial management in the global market…
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Strategic Financial Management for Global Markets
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Extract of sample "Strategic Financial Management for Global Markets"

Download file to see previous pages Importance of strategic financial management:
The Global business situation and their substantial impact have promoted the need to implement multi-disciplinary concepts in the field of management. The strategist is no longer permitted to have a restrictive approach to enterprise solutions. The economic resources, the availability of funds in particular are limited, and can be utilized alternatively. Due to this fact, it becomes all the more important to administer them and only then an organization can function efficiently in competitive business environment. In recent times the fields of strategic management and financial management have undergone a fusion to originate a contemporary discipline, named significantly as, strategic financial management. This involves a prolific blend of the two management disciplines to present a strategic approach towards managing the financial resources of an enterprise. The knowledge of finance professional as strategists will aid in countering the challenge of sustenance and growth for companies in the years to come. As foresaid by J. P. Jakhotiya, strategic financial management refers to both financial implication and aspect of various business strategies, and the strategic management of finances. It is very much necessary that the finances of the institution are managed strategically in order to accelerate profit at a sustainable growth rate. In order to accelerate wealth successfully, a strategic mix of specifically three performance factors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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