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The article explains how Google continues to maintain the pipeline of innovation by relying on the input of its employees and creating room for them to develop. Apart from the twenty thousand it gained after acquiring Motorola Mobility, Google has thirty thousand employees…
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Case: How Google Chooses Employees
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How Google Chooses Employees Introduction The article explains how Google continues to maintain the pipeline of innovation by relying on the input of its employees and creating room for them to develop. Apart from the twenty thousand it gained after acquiring Motorola Mobility, Google has thirty thousand employees. Comparatively, it has a smaller workforce compared to Apple and Exxon Mobil with a more than seventy-two thousand and seventy-six thousand workers respectively. The company tries to create many channels through which employees express themselves because it embraces the fact that people and various ideas come together to advance innovation in different ways. Google devotes an equal level of intellectual ability applied in developing self-driving vehicles, fine-tuning, and executing leadership behavior that maximize the performance of human resources at the workplace.
Problem Statements
Challenge 1: Recruiting the staffs capable of driving the company towards set goals…
Challenge 2: Developing appropriate succession programs to avoid gaps when transfers, retirements, and resignations occur…
Solution 1
The ability to learn quickly and various things is the first consideration that employing authorities at Google consider while recruiting and hiring staffs. It brings together the capacity of a candidate to comprehend new things, learning on the job traditionally referred to as apprenticeship, create sense out scattered pieces of information, and developing logic. The company holds that success in the contemporary business environment depends on the ability of company employees learning new things quickly and easily. All companies that believe in developing new ideas using new approaches daily stand a bigger chance of succeeding such as LinkedIn and Amazon (Swartz, 2010). Company success should have curious employees, willing to learn from their mistakes by making corrections, and inquisitive enough to develop new possibilities. The senior management at Google believes that it provides the only way the company grows and survives into the future. Google looks for employees with leadership skills and those with leadership potentials. This factor comes second on the qualities considered by Google while hiring employees.
Solution 2
The company does not apply the traditional assessment of leadership. The company looks for workers with the capacity to step into leadership roles and guide others within the team. During this assessment, recruiters do not put into consideration the job title or type of job currently held by the interviewee. To them, it is important for the candidate to have the ability to exercise the humility criterion. Humility describes those employees with the ability to withdraw and give a chance to others. Self-less people stand a higher chance of securing employment at Google. Humility strikes a balance between passion driving responsibilities. It constitutes among other things openness to colleagues considering them as having a better idea on things that can move the company forward. A candidate ought to have a small ego and a full-size ego at the same time although the two elements appear opposing.
This article outlines that having two qualities of humility and self-less helps Google employees create a sterling drive that combines with a good attitude to project an employee with adequate capacity to work at Google. Google looks for people with the capacity to take the responsibility of solving complicated issues. It evaluates the commitment level of an employee towards serving the company. The right level of commitment moves the company towards achieving set goals. Candidates interested in securing jobs in technical departments need to have relevant technical abilities. However, it is noteworthy that this element comes at the tail end of the five most essential qualities that Google considers while recruiting and hiring employees to serve in various departments. Google offers equal opportunity to all interested candidates.
Swartz, A. (2010). The Good Life: How Chooses Employees. A Journal of Oxford University Vol 212(11), pp. 1-19. Read More
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