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Qatar Upgrades Frequent Flyer Website - Case Study Example

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This paper "Qatar Upgrades Frequent Flyer Website" discusses the current internet technology use of Qatar Airways based on its e-marketing, Business to business relation, web design and customer service. Based on the evaluations, the report will recommend possible internet technology opportunities…
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Qatar Upgrades Frequent Flyer Website
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Extract of sample "Qatar Upgrades Frequent Flyer Website"

Download file to see previous pages The report describes QA’s B2B relation from both sell-side and buy-side. They provide online duty-free shopping which means they have partnered with the suppliers of these goods. They also partner with hotel chains as a means to enhance their customer service. QA is affiliating with other websites to promote its website in order to attract value-adding suppliers to partner, which will then draw more customer visits.

In the analysis, QA’s website has a fresh and contemporary look and an easy to navigate web design. It was found that the website has a high degree of accessibility meeting all audiences’ needs and requirements. The links and information are neatly displayed on the home page and are neatly categorized. The color theme matches its corporate identity. They also have a separate corporate section.

The report found that QA not only allows booking, paying and printing e-tickets, but passengers can even check-online as much as 36 hours in advance. They can even decide on the class of travel depending on the seat comfort they are looking, again based on short or long flights. Online check-in demo is also available on the website for first-time users. Thus they seem to be exploiting the internet technology to its advantage.

Qatar Airways (QA), the airline with 5-star ranking, follows Rappa’s merchant model of e-Business (O’Toole, 2004). This is because the airline uses the internet as a tool to do business. It also uses the internet as a new channel of marketing and distribution. QA is able to enhance its services by updating its website with real-time information and also by allowing instant business transactions.

Based on the Analysis of QA’s application of internet technology, it is recommended that they have a currency converter on the website as they have people from all over globe booking through the website. As of now, they have tied up only with 5-star chain hotels but they do have economy class passengers also who may book hotels of the lower category if it is offered through QA’s website.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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