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Application Volunteers Work and Employee First - Case Study Example

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Volunteers have played a really important role in research and development. Individuals who do volunteering are motivated by the sense of achievement and developing their skills. They also do it for the sake of…
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Case Application Volunteers Work and Employee First
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Extract of sample "Application Volunteers Work and Employee First"

and Section # of Case Application Volunteers work: part 2 Businesses have become very good at getting volunteers work. Volunteers have played a really important role in research and development. Individuals who do volunteering are motivated by the sense of achievement and developing their skills. They also do it for the sake of entertainment. Can this concept be extended to customer service?
Answer 1
I think using volunteers is a better option than getting work from paid employees at places like gas and petrol stations, customer service e.t.c for it develops one’s socialization and communication skills better than any low wage part time job. It is also beneficial for employers in a way of reduced burden on wages. It also shows volunteers determination for work that he/she is not working merely for money but for enjoyment and developing skills. Volunteering can be used as a stepping stone in getting a really good job, for it enables one to gain experience, develop skills and gives employers a chance in seeing your work. The part time nature of volunteering work makes it flexible and more attractive to students who can use their leisure time in developing unique skills.
Answer 2
If I were at his position I would be more concerned with creating a learning positive environment, so as to attract the best work force. In order to motivate them I would be thinking about giving them rewards and recognition for volunteers efforts and making them learn skills which otherwise they cannot.
Answer 3
Volunteers are an indirect of the organizational structure; they are basically recognized, recruited, oriented about the organization, trained and then supervised by a manger. The six elements are:
Work Specialization: more specialization as relevant experts will be recruited.
Departmentalization: separate department for online customer service
Chain of Command: will be less as number of volunteers increase.
Span of Control: will be decreased as there will be less control
Centralization and Decentralization: more decentralized in power and control
Formalization: will be less formal
Answer 4
I think this approach can work in service oriented companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo because all these companies have a really productive and learning environment and people actually die for working in these big companies. Similarly, tech savvy people would be attracted to them to earn a name and respect amongst the leaders.
Employees First: Part 2
HCL technologies is trying a radical experiment in work place. Vineet Nayaar (CEO) believes in creating an atmosphere where the job of company’s leaders should be to take out the potential out of their employees and using it where it is best needed and for that Nayar has introduced the employee first culture. This type of culture was originally introduced in HCL.
Answer 1
My impression of employee first culture is to create trust grow through transparency, to make managers as accountable to employees as employees are to their bosses, to transfer the responsibility for change and value creation to front-line employees working in the value zone. It can work in other organizations but this is not for every organization. As it bears certain costs and those are:
Answer 2
A company must be extraordinarily dedicated to its human resource endeavor, because it takes a lot of time and effort to attract, hire and retain great people. They are more challenging to get and keep, but the pay-off they provide a company is enormous. After you hire great employees, you have to train them as well. So companies who do not have a well-structured human resource cannot make use of employee first culture.
Answer 3
Organizational Behavior can help Vineet Nayar lead by providing him with the technical and functional skills needed to navigate the challenges presented by a complex organization like his. He would be able to focus on learning how people use information and make decisions, as well as how they develop and use human capital to make things happen. As far as first line company supervisors are concerned, they can learn how to focus on their work, see the bigger picture, prioritize their work, deliver quality work, manage time, deal with information and motivate their employees and fix their attitude through the study of organizational behavior.
The aspects of personality that I see in this story are that HCL people have a very high need for achievement and persuasive skills. They are very energetic and want to do lots of things and to take risks on behalf of the company. All these aspects have made HCL a successful company.
Answer 4
Employee attitude survey:
Please describe your position with the company.
How long have you worked for this company? 
Do you have access to the information you need to get your job done? 
Are you familiar with the mission statement designed by your department?
Has management created an open and comfortable work environment?
Are you fully aware of your job requirements and what is expected of you on a daily basis?
Do you feel a need for training to do your job more efficiently and effectively?
Is management flexible enough to understand the importance of balancing your work and personal life?
Would you recommend others to work for this company?
What changes, if any, do you feel need to made in your department to improve working conditions?
What changes, if any, do you feel need to be made in the company to improve working conditions?
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