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Building a Power Base in a New Organization - Case Study Example

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LESSON 4.1. DISCUSSION FORUM Building a Power Base in a New Organization Name Institution Building a Power Base in a New Organization Starting a career again in an entirely new organization with new colleagues with different personalities, biases and work ethics can be a demanding, laborious and frustrating endeavor…
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Building a Power Base in a New Organization
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Download file to see previous pages Hence it is important realize that the first few months of transfer is critical in building a power base in order to accomplish the leadership role and changes that you want to achieve and realize your personal and professional goals (Houston, 2008). According to Paula Brynion (2004), power is one’s capability to influence others. The nursing industry must recognize that constructing a power base is a vital force in controlling one’s vocation and place in an organization. Brynion furthers states that the capacity to identify and connect the enthusiasm and prospect of nursing is imperative in building a positive perception of and using power. Hence, a list of strategies in building a power base is listed and expounded in this paper. 1. Be professional and act as a team player. Since you are a new nameless subject in the group, you must present yourself in a package that would leave a positive mark to your coworkers. Uphold an aura of professionalism and competence by going to work early and well-groomed. Be conscious of how you talk with others and try to be tactful and confident especially when dealing with head nurses and doctors. Maintaining composure even under times of stress will leave them a good impression of you. It is also necessary to work harder, volunteer for extra shifts and readily help colleagues to contribute more to the community. Involve yourself in meetings, extra assignments and accept these tasks with an open mind. Eventually, perseverance and professionalism can take you greater heights and everyone will associate your name with respect and credibility (Daly, Speedy and Jackson, 2003). 2. Learn the rules. Building a power base command for socialization and determination of the key people of power in the company. Understanding the “unspoken rules” in an organization is critical in blending in with your new surroundings, will provide you with a broader vision of the organization and get a better sense of how it functions. It is essential for any newcomer to recognize the culture and values of the institution in order to have an awareness of the do’s and don’ts in the workplace. The information achieved through these details can benefit you by gaining entrance into important networks in the system (Carter, 2007). 3. Increase expert power. Given that you have been a registered nurse for five years from a previous hospital, it is expected that proper training and experience are already at hand. However, continuous gaining of knowledge, expertise and skills are still needed to increase expert power. New challenges arise every day that can help increase not only your skill level but your maturity as well. Moreover, taking up specialty certifications and advanced studies upsurges your power base because of new knowledge gained. Open positions for higher ranks may specifically require certain capabilities so you need to seize those opportunities by gaining expert power as much as you can (Yoder-Wise, 2011). 4. Search for mentors and form alliances with other professionals. Associate yourself with positive role models that imitate nursing excellence and behave accordingly. Coworkers who show commitment to extensive learning and love for their jobs are more likely to emulate optimistic approach in making a difference in the nursing industry. These kinds of people can be of great influence to you since mentoring is an active process that can help build a power base. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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