9/11 Attack in New York - Essay Example

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The “9/11 tragedy” has affected the political environment and socio economical condition of many countries of the world, so much so, that each inhabitant had to suffer in one way or other. …
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9/11 Attack in New York
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9/11 Attack in New York 9/11 Attack in New York The “9/11 tragedy” has affected the political environment and socio economical condition of many countries of the world, so much so, that each inhabitant had to suffer in one way or other. Today, after more than ten years of the happening, this matter has grown into a strongly backed up controversy. Masses, including me, now believe that the so-called Huge Terrorist attack in New York on September 11, 2001 was either a faked massacre in the United States that was devised as a portal for invasion into two Muslim countries or some other truth is yet to be unveiled. I could never make out the reason for highly unexpected failure of all 16 US Intelligence agencies, Air Force, National Security Council, NORAD, and security agencies of NATO Allies; the subsequent reports on TV, internet about delayed investigations and the unacceptable results publicized thereof, infiltrated with gaps and flaws, made my belief even stronger. I had always believed US security plan was indestructible and so I believe now that this happened because US wanted it so. On the other hand, the US officials declared Al Qaeda as responsible and issued the public Commission report on July 22, 2004, trying to give reasons for the happening of this tragedy ( by hands of Al Qaeda; this document has been subjected to many controversies, most of which are unanswered yet. The Official report claimed that Air Craft Navigators failed to detect the hijacked planes either because of the Military exercise going on that day or due to transponders that turned off somehow. They also admitted that the planners of this attack took advantage of lack of communication between US military and Air traffic control (2011, In response to the blame of controlled demolition proposed by many organization, researchers and expert architects; the official report have completely refused the evidence of any explosive used in twin tower collapse (Shyam-Sunder,2005) however, they could not give a scientific explanation for the fall of the three towers apparently from base due to collision of two planes. The third tower “WTC Building 7” collapse has emphasized even more, the truthfulness of controlled demolition idea. Another conspiracy that US official report dealt with is the subsequent attack on the Pentagon 78 minutes after twin towers collapsed about which the report has negated the accusation that plane wreckage was never found. Professor Noam Chomsky declared that it would have leaked out easily if it had been Bush Government`s brainchild. Similarly, llan Shrira wrote that controversies help us cope with disgusting events. (2008). This might also have been true in this issue, only if the current evidence for the conspiracy theories was not found. According to a video, released by Colorado Public TV, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, (2012) they have demonstrated the need for scientific investigation for explaining the collapse of twin towers and the WTC building7. It seems illogical to belief that few hour`s fire damaged the steel columns so intensely that whole building was caught off grounds. In addition, architects have refused that fire can melt the steel architecture of whole building within no time. Scientists have also found some amounts of detonating material from the wreckage, which suggests that collapse of the twin towers esp. the WTC building7, were controlled demolitions. It could be possible for the hijackers to implant bomb inside the buildings, but officials deny it for the fear of accepting that more and clues are suggesting internal hand behind this dilemma. The story suggested by Commission report and National Geographic channel describes in detail about possible happenings; from hijackers` training, selection, planning, entrance into US, and flight details, but why they have to miss each one of these check and balance before hijacking occurred. Surely, this much unreliable security protocol makes US Government accountable to its nation. Even if we believe that there was flawed in inter-department co-ordination in New York, I cannot make out the failure of US satellite intelligence and missing the planning of attack. There cannot be so numerous conspiracy theories or skepticism alleged to a well-observed fact; I am sure there has to be a better explanation than the current one, on part of US Government. I must admit here, that nowadays, you can never judge any truth without being influenced by prejudice, preconceive opinions and fallacies spread around you. Comparable amount of quantitative and qualitative facts are presented to public by either competitors to prove their stance. However, if the most powerful organizations of a super power country attempt, with determination, to investigate, the truth will definitely unveil itself one day. Reference list (2004, July 4) National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. Retrieved from (2011, August 29). 9/11 Conspiracy Theories. BBC. Shyam-Sunder S. (2005, December 01) Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster: Final Report of the National Construction Safety Team on the Collapses of the World Trade Center Towers (NIST NCSTAR 1). Retrieved from Shrira, I, Foster, J. (2008, September 11) Paranoia and The Roots of Conspiracies. Retrieved from (2012, August 8) 9/11 Explosive Evidence-Experts Speak Out. Colorado TV. Retrieved from , Read More
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9/11 Attack in New York Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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