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Training Plan ( Training & Devolpment) - Assignment Example

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Lecture and discussion are employed as the formative tool to teach students about time management. Through this method, participants were asked to identify the inefficiencies in the use of their time. From these identified inefficiencies of…
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Training Plan ( Training & Devolpment)
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Download file to see previous pages Workshop and exercises (Day 2). Workshop served as the summative learning wherein participants were asked at the end of the module to identify gaps in their time management and how to improve them through effective time management. In this exercise, participant’s ability to manage their time effectively using the methods taught was gauged. The exercises will help the administrators of the training to identify training gap. This is beneficial for the training session because it will help ensure that the training objectives will be imbued among the participants. These objectives include a grasp of time management and the ability to manage and control their time and activities properly.
Flipchart and power point presentation. For the participants have a visual idea of how to effectively manage their time using the various time management techniques such as time matrix, prioritizing, and goal setting, a power point presentation were used during the lecture and discussion to aid and facilitate understanding about SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound) goal setting and other methods. This will aid the formative learning process
Participant’s grasp of the training were measured in terms of their ability to construct their own Time Matrix, SMART Plans, Order of Priorities and ability to identify the important from non-important activities.
The long-term benefit of the training plan may not be immediately felt by the students and administrators of the training. It is expected however that students must be able to have a greater efficacy and efficiency in their activities that will result to higher productivity and better performance in all aspect of lives due to the lessons learned in time management. Ultimately, it is also envisaged that with the ability to control time and manage activities, students will have a more fruitful and successful lives both in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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