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Open door policy is a crucial aspect in any organization as it fosters communication between members of the organization in an open and beneficial manner (DuPont, 1998). It encourages effective communication between the management and the subordinates and protects the…
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Unit 4 assessment professionalism
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Unit 4 assessment-Professionalism Unit 4 assessment-Professionalism Question What do you feel is the best strategy for communicating an open-door policy to those who work for you? Explain in detail. 
Open door policy is a crucial aspect in any organization as it fosters communication between members of the organization in an open and beneficial manner (DuPont, 1998). It encourages effective communication between the management and the subordinates and protects the subordinates from abusive or discriminative supervision and other vices at workplace. In order to make open door policy to be effect in an organization, it is important to have strategies for communicating the policy to all the members of the organization. The best strategy for communicating open-door policy is by making it an important policy in the organization. By making the open door policy as an important policy in the organization ensures that the management and the subordinates understand what is required of them as guided by the policy. Further, by ensuring that it is part of policies in the organization is important in creating an organizational culture, which promotes open communication where every member is able to approach any other member of the organization who can address a given issue effectively (Malin, 2000). On the other hand, having a policy in place also helps in ensuring that the scope of what is permissible or not is addressed effective lest it turns the policy in to ineffective one, which causes more problems to the organization. In this case, the policy allows for order in the organization, where members respect each other and that they know what and where the policy is applicable (Anderson and Bolt, 2011). Lastly, a policy ensures that all individuals, both in the management and subordinate understand their responsibilities towards the policy.
Question 2: As a supervisor, you observe, on numerous occasions, one of your best customers intently abusing two of your most valuable employees. What steps do you take to protect your staff members? 
It is import for an organization to ensure that both the employees and customers have a good environment where they can engage each other with respect and professionally. Of great significance is the recognition of the importance of the customer, who should be well served and his/her needs addressed effectively and professionally. However, when customers become abusive on the employees, it is important for the organization to stand up to defend them from such abuse (DuPont, 1998). In many nations including the US, UK, South Africa and many more have legislation, which protects staff by forbidding certain behavior by customers. It is however important to know that the leadership of an organization is very important in ensuring such legislation is effective (Malin, 2000). The leadership is also important in ensuring that the internal policies of the organization protect the rights of the customers as well as the staff.
The most important step is to have effective policies within the organization, which protect staff members. These policies should be well communicated to staff members to ensure that they understand their rights in the event that they face such cases. Secondly, training staff members on how to handle difficult customers is an important step in reducing the probability of such events happening (Anderson and Bolt, 2011). The customer should also be aware of what is permissible or not when interacting with staff members. When the customers are aware of the boundaries of their conduct, they will be respectful and consequently not become abusive.
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Unit 4 Assessment Professionalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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