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Jones defines organizational change as the “process by which organizations move from their present state to some desired future state to increase their effectiveness” (2010 pg. 270). Whetten further explained that this growth is a life cycles analogy of an organization that…
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Organizational Growth
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Teacher Organizational Growth Jones defines organizational change as the “process by which organizations move from their present state to some desired future state to increase their effectiveness” (2010 pg. 270). Whetten further explained that this growth is a life cycles analogy of an organization that undergoes a “natural, metamorphic process associated with birth, maturation, decline and death in organic systems” (Whetten, 1987 pg. 335). Simply put organizational growth is the process when the organization becomes bigger either by expansion, merger and acquisition, introduction of new investor or success in the marketplace.
Organizational growth may be desirable because it increases its effectiveness in many aspects such as improvement of its technological, organizational, and functional capabilities but growth is not without issues. As the organization grows, its requirements for resources also increase and this could put a strain on existing resources. A concrete example for this is the organization’s cash flow which may dry up due to the higher expenditure caused by the growth. This would compel the organization to source funding elsewhere to fill the gap in its resources which may not be easy.
Another source of growth is merger which may not have issue with resources but could be problematic in terms of cultural clash with two organizations having different organizational culture which was combined due to the merger.
These crisis and/or issues in organizational growth however can be surmounted. When properly managed, the crisis in resources and differing culture caused by growth can be barely felt during the transition to become a larger organization.
Jones, Gareth (2010). Organizational Theory, Design, and Change, sixth ed. Prentice Hall.
Whetten, David (1987). Organizational Growth and Decline Process. Annual Review of Sociology. Vol. 13, (1987), pp. 335-358
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