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Outlining the Best and the Worst Managers Skills - Essay Example

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This paper "Outlining the Best and the Worst Manager’s Skills" focuses on the fact that the author's best and worst manager had an immense distinction in what they did. Their practices were entirely parallel from each other. The knowing-doing gap was a key principle to distinguish the practices…
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Outlining the Best and the Worst Managers Skills
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Extract of sample "Outlining the Best and the Worst Managers Skills"

The manager also had proper knowledge of the importance of competent employees and teamwork. Despite his conceptual knowledge, he did not practice anything. He only verbalized the ideas. My best manager recorded a different trend from this. He linked the gap that would exist between knowing and doing. Therefore, this manager would focus on the implementation of his ideologies and strategies within the organization. For example, he ensured resilient performance amongst employees through channelling rewards such as salary increment and promotions. This manager also ensured a hiring process that upheld the competence of the recruits. He also organized seminars and team-building activities to enhance affiliation amongst the workforce. The key difference is that the worst manager would only verbalize ideas, while the other would implement them.

My best and worst managers also differed in their skills. The technical skills of my worst manager were impaired. He did not use tools and equipment competently to attain desired objectives within the organization. Consequently, processes implementation within the organization was highly impaired. This manager also had an average performance in his interpersonal and problem-solving processes. My best manager possessed an ideal capacity to use tools and equipment to implement processes. His interpersonal and communication skills were outstanding. This nurtured healthy relationships amongst the workforce and himself. He portrayed an elevated degree of analytical capability. This would enable him to make feasible recommendations for organizational growth. Read More
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