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The problem discussed in the article is that in the recent years, many companies’ have been driven to success by executives that have been motivated by achievement. While the motivation for achievement promises companies success in the short term, yet the long term effects of…
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Problem and Hypothesis The problem discussed in the article is that in the recent years, many companies’ have been driven to success by executives that have been motivated by achievement. While the motivation for achievement promises companies success in the short term, yet the long term effects of this factor are not very favorable. These overachieving executives mostly have autocratic style of leadership rather than transformative leadership style. As a result of this, they fail to inculcate a deep sense in the subordinates and the organizational personnel regarding what is the right way to steer the company on the path of success. Consequently, companies depend upon these executives too much and their departure can cost a company all its success. The bossy and non-cooperative style of the overachieving executives demotivates other organizational personnel. As opposed to such bossy style of leadership driven by the excessive motivation for achievement in the executives, the authors have identified directive, visionary, affiliative, participative, pacesetting, and coaching styles of leadership as the ones that can help an executive manager motivate organizational personnel. None of these leadership styles can be established as better or worse than the other as each has its own pros and cons.
The hypothesis of this article is that overachieving managers can only bring short term success for a company and fail to develop rapport with other organizational personnel. Another hypothesis of this article is that in order to ensure long term success of a company, it is imperative that the executives place more emphasis on the organizational personnel than numbers and results. Read More
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HBR 6 - Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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