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It is agreeable that, at the onset of every day or week, a schedule of the days or week’s tasks is drawn in order to ensure that all tasks that are lined up are accomplished within the set deadline. This is important for the worker because the management assesses one’s…
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Assess the effect of technology on human relations and performance
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Effect of Technology on Human Relations and Performance Effect of Technology on Human Relations and Performance Summary of Self-Assessment
It is agreeable that, at the onset of every day or week, a schedule of the days or week’s tasks is drawn in order to ensure that all tasks that are lined up are accomplished within the set deadline. This is important for the worker because the management assesses one’s performance based on his or her ability to achieve the objectives set. I disagree to the perception that I repeat similar tasks every day. Everyday chores are bright because every day presents itself with new challenges arising out of global sharing of ideas through the space. Sometimes, the work given to me presents challenging scenarios that require full engagement of mind and resources. In regards to job satisfaction, the value of work is my utmost treasure. I do not buy the idea that I am embarrassed when those I interact with quiz me concerning the work that I do to earn a living.
In the course of undertaking daily chores, the volumes and challenges presented by tasks do not cause tension and anxiousness in me. The chores instead, enlighten my spirit of hard work for a better accomplishment of tasks. It is disagreeable that the nature of my work presents little time for socialization and that if I work with salient speed to accomplish tasks on time would not help reduce the volume of work on the table. In fact, the work environment is both comfortable and enjoyable presenting a relaxed, productive environment. Though this is this case, the nature of my work requires a wide array of skill, effort and talent. As a worker, the company values my contribution towards the success of the business and would not seek to replace me on the basis that a do not possess the prerequisite knowledge of the latest technology. Job autonomy is an important aspect at work. This is because it provides the worker the freedom of innovativeness and creativity. It is as important as an employee ability to possess control over work and the freedom have rest hours on a workday without being questioned. Employee’s information on the contribution of work in the society is averagely important in that the employee would always work towards those ends. A job that does not call for constant attention from the management is equally important but the knowledge of how the workers deeds affect clients should be the worker’s utmost priority. I just like what do at workplace. It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I accomplish a task and derive immense pleasure. While working hours, short breaks for making personal calls are essential for me. A meaningful work is necessary, but this is not my utmost priority. Moreover, a job that is personally satisfying is of no significance in my opinion but a challenging work is better.
The impact of technology on social relations
The power of technology on social relationships has been immensely felt in the recent times. For instance, the total numbers of jobs have significantly gone high as several companies have opted to carry on their daily activities on virtual platforms. In addition, the upcoming technologies have forced employees towards adoption of new skills as called for by companies. On the other hand, the use of technology by businesses has cut off body language communications which traditionally affected social relations (Hegar, 2012). Therefore, conflicts and misunderstandings that were previously witnessed out of body language have been put on the rest. In addition, the new technologies have enabled companies to tap on the rich diversity of people around the globe to work together though residing in different time zones. The most outstanding contribution of technology is the fact that it has saved workers a great deal of time spent in commuting from their homes to work. In summary, the use of technologies at work place has led to increased worker satisfaction, reduced absenteeism and improved productivity.
Hegar, K. W. (2012). Modern social relations at work: Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning. Read More
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