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Impact of Urban Environmental Aspects on Human Beings - Essay Example

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The present essay encompasses the problem of urban environmental aspects that affect humans. According to the text, there is a rise in the number of individuals moving into urban regions despite the changes in the environment. …
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Impact of Urban Environmental Aspects on Human Beings
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Extract of sample "Impact of Urban Environmental Aspects on Human Beings"

Download file to see previous pages Problems associated with urban areas negatively affect the way of living and prohibit the desire for a further extension. Individuals and the government need to have a concern regarding the best way of ensuring that there are less or no threats to the people living within urban environments. Arguably, overlooking certain ways of improving urban environment is of the essence, as it leads to utilization of resources. In essence, people should work through to ensure that all areas develop despite the changes in their economic status.
An urban area is a region undergoing a transition of several development changes in its environment. The number of individuals within the developing region is high per square kilometer. An urban area is a densely populated region with people living there struggling to obtain the available resources. There are many industries producing commodities and whose waste is a threat to the environment. Pollution affects the status of living. On the other hand, the conservation of the environment helps the healthy well-being of individuals. The aspects of urban environment affect the health of individuals.
Pollution affects a good stay of individuals in urban areas and is more due to an increase in the number of processing industries dealing. There is the use of chemicals for a complete processing of products. Poor drainage systems of organizations affect the environment of urban areas. Most of the organizations direct waste into waterways and fail to consider the impact on waters used by living beings. (Bueren 279). Consumption of water mixed with chemical substances affects the good health of particular persons and may result in death if not treated. It is expensive to treat waterborne diseases. b) Diseases Most of the people living in developing towns have poor health. The number of infected individuals in developing cities is high due to adverse changes in the ecosystem (Bueren 49). The spread of infectious diseases is also higher because of the concentration of people in one area and failure to access expensive Medicare. Failure to get proper medication weakens the body and may result in death. To help reduce deaths, the government should provide cost effective public health care centers in urbanized regions. c) Climate Climatic changes affect the standards of living and are the determinants of activities in most of the processing industries. The changes in climate result from influence in global warming (Bueren 11). Several industries deal with processing of natural products to improve the original quality. Therefore, a change in the prevailing climate may be due to an effect on the ozone layer, which results to acidic rainfall and affects the growth of various products. Lack of favorable rains leads to loss of raw materials. On the other hand, due to lack of available processing products, there is a reduced labor force on certain firms making people lose their only source of earning a living in urban areas. It is crucial for those managing processing firms to attach particular individuals to other departments. Therefore, it is important to ensure that individuals may perform activities in other departments to ensure that they meet personal demands. d) Traffic accidents The number of individuals using vehicles is on a gradual increase leading to excess emission of carbon dioxide gas. An area developing into an urban area has many people driving their own vehicles. Careless drivers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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