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Carrying out an environmental impact assessment on an electric motor - Book Report/Review Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Institution: ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT ON ELECTRIC MOTOR OF AI-EMU Abstract Transportation has been seen as an activity that results in to higher cases of environmental degradation. The good news is that these adverse effects can be controlled better when different measures are put in place…
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Carrying out an environmental impact assessment on an electric motor
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Extract of sample "Carrying out an environmental impact assessment on an electric motor"

Download file to see previous pages Since the electric cars do not use fuel, they are not able to emit carbon particles to the environment. It is also important to note that a vibrant environment impact assessment must be done on the electric motors to determine their impact on the environment. This paper will highlight different issues on electric motor. This environmental impact assessment will be done in accordance to the stipulated regulations of the environment. Introduction Environmental impact assessment is a very important activity that is always aimed at conservation of the environment. This activity is always carried out by experts that understand environmental issues. Ensuring that we have sound environmental activities is the global aim of many countries. It is important to highlight that introduction of electric vehicles means that we must always carry out thorough environment impact assessment. This will assist us in determining the impact of such motors towards the environment (Lave 2006). This paper will therefore give a cognitive analysis and assessment of impacts of electric motors on the environment. It has been found that the impacts that an electric vehicle has on an environment while in operation always exceed its impacts in production stage (Yong-Ki 2007). This paper will give a deep insight in to production and life cycle of different types of AI-EMU cars. It must be noted that AI-EMU produces cars that uses fuel and electric cars as well. A vibrant compression between electric motors and fuel motors will be done by the use of AI-EMU motors (Bombardier 2005). Description of electric vehicle It is important to highlight that there is a big difference between electric vehicles and others. Electric vehicles are currently considered as the most efficient. This type of vehicle always depends on electric energy for its propulsion. These vehicles are always equipped with electric motor. The electric motor makes these vehicles to have particular impacts on the environment. This is because of electric reactions that take place within the motor. It is important to highlight that electric vehicles also store their energy is a battery. Such vehicles do not store energy in fuel tank as in the case of most vehicles. These features show the reason why motor vehicles are the major source of environmental degradation. It must also be noted that electric vehicles also have numerous benefits. The cost of operating these vehicles is always considered very low. It has also been noted that emission of greenhouse gases when these vehicles are in use is highly reduced. Reduction in noise pollution has also been noted in most cases especially when such vehicles are in jam. There are different types of electric vehicles. These include battery electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles among others (Cristiano 2006). How electric vehicle charging works Electric vehicle charging works in a very special way. The charging of such batteries always works in a similar way as mobile battery charging. These batteries are always charged via a special plug. Swapping of depleted batteries and those that are fully charged is always possible through this method of charging. It is also important to highlight that some of electric motors are able to use wireless charging through induction (Baskin 2001). It is also important to highlight that charging of these batteries always takes place even when such vehicle ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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