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Contemporary Issues and Marketing - Assignment Example

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Contemporary Issues and Marketing Table of Contents Introduction 3 Part I. Key Environmental Development 4 Environment: Status and Trend 4 Technology Link to Global Warming: Status and Trend 5 The Role of the Automotive Industry in the CO2 Discussion 6 Part II…
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Contemporary Issues and Marketing
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Download file to see previous pages It was in the beginning of the 21th century that automobile industry was apparently being accused for the increasing level of ecological hazards. The concerns were in general provided to the decreasing level of energy resources on earth and the increasing level of global warming due to the rapidly increasing number of automobiles used in the era. In order to minimise the impact of automobiles on the ecological balance of earth, the industry players introduced technologies which were built with the focus on fuel efficiency and minimum ‘greenhouse gas emissions’. Another motive to consider green technology in the development of fresh models was the need of competitive advantage in the fiercely competitive market. Experts have referred the era to be a transformational period for the industry with changes in technology, marketing perspective, and global outlook. However, a significant question rests on this context regarding the efficiency of these technologies in rewarding the industry players with enhanced competency and limited impact on the ecological balance. ...
Part I. Key Environmental Development Environment: Status and Trend Global warming has emerged to be one of the most debated topics in the modern day phenomenon. It causes various harms to the society and the environment in terms of severe diseases, drought and other environmental hazards. The recent evidences revealing the increase in the rate of global warming were observed to be the rise in the global temperature and the melting of polar bear habitation. The root causes of global warming are stated to be the increasing rate of carbon emissions as a consequence of burning of fossil fuels (Gray, 2001). Global warming is often used as a term to represent the current climate change occurring on earth. Climate change can be defined as the alteration in the global climate which chiefly encompasses with the natural environmental elements such as temperatures, rainfall patterns, expansion and reduction in ice sheets which in turn also causes fluctuations in the sea-level. Notably, these changes are recorded to occur in regional and global natural environment (Maslin, 2009). The recent status of global warming is observed to be worsening with rapid fluctuations in the global temperature. The precipitation in tropical regions is recorded to be decreasing which is stated by the experts to be a significant indication of global warming and the variations occurring in the sea-level on earth (Zhou & Et. Al., 2008). Furthermore, the current trends summarised by the experts reveal that the changes in rainfall will result in before time greening of foliage and extended thermal growing period. Effects have also been witnessed in the hydrological and biological systems on earth that comprises of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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