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Natural Environment and the Urban Centres - Essay Example

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This essay discuss the thesis that natural environment imposes limitations on the growth and sustainability of urban centres with a reference to a particular case study. The case will examine the development of Sao Paulo as one of the largest ‘urban agglomeration’ in Brazil…
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Natural Environment and the Urban Centres
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Extract of sample "Natural Environment and the Urban Centres"

Download file to see previous pages Sao Paulo was not a highly developed and industrialised city with a population of 65,000 in 1890 compared to Rio de Janiero of almost half a million. With the development of manufacturing enterprise in Sao Paulo, the population increased by 240, 000 in 1900s because of immigration. Sao Paulo constantly evolves into a productive city, which becomes the centre of manufacturing business that is the source of Brazil’s total industrial product. The Metropolitan of Sao Paulo has population of 16.4 million that implies of the need to extend the area from the centre, which accounts for 8,051 km (Cohen, 2006, p.38). Thus, as the population grows, the there is the larger need for space or area to accommodate residents. Cohen (2006) indicates that adjacent to the development is the transformation of the physical and social structure of a city. The attraction of huge investments to construct airports, manufacturing plants, and wide office space transferred to ‘urban fringe.’ The urban centre of Sao Paulo became the command area that dispersed in the regional or global operation, for example, telecommunications, law office, banking, information services, and management.Due to the development in Sao Paulo, it faces many environmental and ecological concerns such as sanitation, traffic congestion, and pollution. These signs are the effects of urban sprawl.  Pohanka (2004, p.242) defines urban sprawl as the ratio of agricultural lands converted to residential areas to shelter the growing population. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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