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Preservation of Green Spaces in Urban Areas - Research Paper Example

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Humans have manipulated their natural surroundings for long to suit their unmatched socio-economic desires at the expense of the green space. Urban population has already exceeded the earlier predicted limits,…
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Preservation of Green Spaces in Urban Areas
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Download file to see previous pages Invasion into the urban free space is inevitable; human population have resorted to finding alternative spaces for economic and social pursuit in areas otherwise meant to preserve the green spaces. In so doing, the original and intended purpose of such places lose value and meaning. Vegetation clearing on the parks, coupled with worldwide waste management ignorance is threatening to veil the aesthetic and biophysical value accorded such spaces. Such spaces, if not adequately managed and maintained would not only undermine their sustainability but also lead to loss of urban artistic image and value.
Global environmental changes also attribute to such forms of negligence as prolonged or unabated loss of urban vegetation cover. There is a strong indicator that urban free space holds a significant role in the biophysical cycles that determine socio-economic, political, and social directions on a global scale. However, degradation of such free spaces may also occur naturally. For instance, the impacts of climate change and the global warming exacerbate deterioration of urban free space in terms of both quantity and quality. It would call upon collective responsibility from both the government or local authorities and members of the public to ensure restoration, management, and preservation of urban green spaces.
Various factors contribute to losing of urban green spaces all over the world. Most of such factors majorly revolve around and mainly emanate from anthropogenic activities such as agriculture, industrialization, and urban expansions. Soil pollution is a major vice negatively affecting the green spaces that exist all over the world especially in highly developed countries of the world.
Most cities and towns exhibit heavy soil and land pollution owing to intensive industrial processes, chemical spillages, and construction activities. In America, the situation is similar since it is one ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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