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How to Design a City for Neighborhoods and Housing in Miami Florida - Article Example

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The writer of this paper states that Miami relates to American cleanest and wealthiest town situated on the Atlantic coast in southeastern Florida. Miami population largely composes of Spanish speaking and Cuban-American population and ranks as one of the most populous urban city internationally…
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How to Design a City for Neighborhoods and Housing in Miami Florida
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Extract of sample "How to Design a City for Neighborhoods and Housing in Miami Florida"

Due to the large population of alien immigrants and native citizens of Miami Florida, housing and resource allocation have become limited in central urban centers. Presently, there is an expansion of the human population to remote and rural neighborhoods of Miami from central urban areas. Surge of urban sprawl has contributed to limitation of land and unhealthy environmental practices around Miami neighborhoods. Dealing with Urban sprawl in Miami In mitigating the deterioration effects of urban sprawl to human health and economy, Miami city has successfully initiated planning trends including new urbanism projects. The recent planning trends have helped in promotion of new urbanism principles including walkability, connectivity, increased density, and smart transportation (The City of Miami 1). It is imperative for the new plan to address environmental concerns that may threaten safety standards of the city. Besides, it would be indispensable to preserve certain zones for other economical purposes including agriculture instead of constructing only residential homes. Success and failure in dealing with Urban sprawl issues Use of planning trends involving new urbanism concepts has helped in res-establishment of mixed-use urban neighborhoods and effective use of available resources. In addition, the inherent planning trends have steered preservation of natural habitats and Miami‘s green revolution. However, development of sustainable environment with minimal environment impact have been an issue cognizant to increasing population. Theory of Urbanization and planning that would address Miami’s issues  New urbanism theory as aforementioned would be imperative in creation of community design and development of zoning areas within Miami and its neighborhoods. The theory would assist in natural progression to urban core environments from rural areas. Guidelines for framing urban sprawl in Miami The most imperative guideline to addressing urban sprawl would involve initiating planning strategies aimed at implementing new urbanism. In addition, framing urban sprawl through new urbanism would involve establishment of zoning and development codes. Urban sprawl in South Florida South Florida population relocates from central Florida to rural neighborhoods of the city. Population constantly increases throughout the city. Geographical appearance of Urban sprawl Urban sprawl has geographically covered South Florida and Miami from the urban centers to rural zones. Rural zones have changed into residential homes instead of agricultural land resulting into more environmental questions. Consequently, geographical demographics in terms of population have changed to suburban centers. Read More
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(How to Design a City for Neighborhoods and Housing in Miami Florida Article)
How to Design a City for Neighborhoods and Housing in Miami Florida Article.
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