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Boudreau & Ramstad (2005) define talent management as the use human resource strategies to attract, develop, motivate, and retain exceptional employees. This is aimed at creatinga high-performance organization…
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Effectiveness of Talent Management in the field of Human resource
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Effectiveness of Talent Management in the field of Human resource Effectiveness of Talent Management in the fieldof Human resource
Boudreau & Ramstad (2005) define talent management as the use human resource strategies to attract, develop, motivate, and retain exceptional employees. This is aimed at creatinga high-performance organization. Talent management first came up as a result of a study done by McKinsey& Company in 1997 and became increasingly formalized in early 2000s, Butler &Waldroop(1999). It arose as a result of the competition for talent between organizations. Some of the activities include succession planning, high potential management, and assessment development.
Employers still face a great challenge in attracting the right skills. According toPhillips & Gull (2012), training key employees should be top priority for the Human resource department. Boudreau & Ramstad (2005) found that organizations that have put deliberate measures to identify high potential employees are seven times more effective in delivering results. This shows the importance and relevance of knowing how to identify, manage, develop and reward talent in human resource studies.
Organizations realize that they must have top talents for their success.Becker & Ulrich (2001) found that the best practices being adopted include aligning the talent strategy with the business strategy. A business strategy must always drive the talent needed. The second is that competence should be a basis for succession, hiring, and promotions and finally the third practice is putting the right people in the right jobs. Sometimes hiring the right skills is more efficient than developing those skills. The relevant professional experience in talent management in human resource is having a degree in human resource or a masters and having been involved in human resource for not less than five years to augment productivity and ability to develop employees for management and talent creation in a firm.
In conclusion, talent management has brought a new era in Human resource, training and development. According to Boudreau & Ramstad (2005), staffing has been made more efficient and effective through competence based recruitments. The study of human resource has recognized the relevance of having talent management as part of human resource planning and is increasingly being formalized.
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