Business Issues and the Contexts of HR - Assignment Example

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It is involved in all the sectors from production, distribution to the market. This means that this workforce needs to be managed so that the flow of the processes can be smooth. The process of managing the…
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Business Issues and the Contexts of HR
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Download file to see previous pages The human resource manager also plays a great role in reconciling the owners or managers of the company and the workforce, when a crisis arises in the company the human resource manager, as he is closer to the people than the owners are works to bring the two parties jointly to come up with a resolution.
The economic world has been faced with similar problems when it comes to human resource management. This is because human resource is dynamic and ranges from skilled to semi skilled to skilled labour. The growing competitive world has worked to put resource managers on their heels to seek professionalism and to make the competitive in the economic world. As competition increases the natural resources decreases, this brings us to the term survival for the fittest and only the fittest company will survive, many companies are investing heavily on skilled labour that has also gained its competition in the market (Human Value Management, Jac Fitz-Enz, 1990).
Technological innovations have taken a centre stage in the dynamic economic world creating need to arm the workforce with the skills. In many companies workforce competent in the IT sector have an advantage over the others. Information communication technology has enabled companies to save on costs of production and has made it easier to market their goods and keep a good flow of information within and outside the company. With the growing inflations and the world, economic crisis it has become essential for companies to cut on their spending and the human resource department has not been saved the headache. Networking has become another key factor in the evolving world. Social sites such as Face book, twitter, what sup and Skype among others have played a major task in the marketing of the products. This means that some human resource personnel have to be able to cope with this to remain competitive.
It has changed people’s ways of living and doing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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