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Cancer Spotting Googles by Dr. Samuel Achilefu - Essay Example

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Samuel Achilefu has majors in Biochemistry, radiology and Molecular Biophysics. He is also the Optical Radiology Lab director in St. Louis, MO. University School of Medicine in Washington. His areas of research extends to divergent field, that…
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Cancer Spotting Googles by Dr. Samuel Achilefu
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Extract of sample "Cancer Spotting Googles by Dr. Samuel Achilefu"

Download file to see previous pages He has helped in creating over 41 US issued patents that mainly relate to applications of imaging and he has authored many scientific publications. With his knowledge in different molecular imaging aspects and experiences in both industry and academia, Dr. Achilefu has offered a different aspect to the management of the Molecular Imaging centers excellence. With this overview, this article will centralize on the profile of Dr. Samuel Achilefu, and touch on the role he has played in applying change strategies that have introduced positive change in the medical field especially with the Cancer Spotting Goggles.
Dr. Samuel Achilefu grew up in Ida, Nigeria. While he was still a child, his parents advised him that it was only through the pursuit of a higher education that he could possibly be able to make any visible impact on the world. Since his childhood he was attracted towards the more practical aspects of science, mainly how things worked. For a while, he actually believed that solving equations could actually address all the global problems. However, it was not until he studied biology and chemistry while in college that he realized that to have a chance of actually helping people, it was necessary for him to enter the laboratory.
Currently, Dr. Achilefu manages a team of 35 researchers in his laboratory that are mainly devoted to extending the optical imaging boundaries to address the needs of molecular medicine in the current world. The broad definition of optical imaging can be described as the usage of light to be able to visualize an object. A simple microscope often used in laboratories in high school classes is an example of this optical imaging technique. The modern digital imaging system is also another example since it can detect a single molecule or cell that is within the cells.
Even with the extensive availability of non-optical techniques like the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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