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The observable artifacts that are associated with Google’s culture, aside from the physical service of the company itself, align with an ergonomic culture. The espoused values of the company are innovation and a relaxed atmosphere informing this ergonomic culture. “At…
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Googles Culture is Truly Unique
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GOOGLE The observable artifacts that are associated with Google’s culture, aside from the physical service of the company itself, align with an ergonomic culture. The espoused values of the company are innovation and a relaxed atmosphere informing this ergonomic culture. “At the Googleplex headquarters almost everyone eats in the Google café (known as "Charlies Place"), sitting at whatever table has an opening and enjoying conversations with Googlers from all different departments” (Culture, 2009). The basic assumption is that Google is a team in which vertical communication is encouraged between sections.
2. Using the competing values framework, Google’s culture can be analyzed. The company possesses characteristics of a clan, but minimally and non invasively so. In terms of adhocracy, this is something that the company may now be too large to handle. From a market framework, Google is best viewed from the international perspective.
“Googles hiring policy is aggressively non-discriminatory and favors ability over experience. The result is a staff that reflects the global audience the search engine serves” (Google, 2009). Despite its framework of easygoingness, Google is a hierarchical culture.
3. Google’s stated mission is simple, and only takes one line of company documents. “Googles mission is to organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful” (Google, 2009). The culture type most associated with out of the options from the previous question, is market. This is not a hierarchical statement, but one that is centered on the resource that the company presents to the market as its primary service. The statement also shows how Google, after achieving similarly staggering growth with Microsoft, did more of a one-hundred-eighty degree turn in its internal culture: though still aggressive, the company realized that once it was an eight-hundred-pound gorilla, doing parlor tricks was more threatening than amusing. The company needs to retain its edge.
4. In terms of techniques for changing organizational culture, Google has used various methods to form its culture. Market research is important, and socio cultural considerations include how the customer perceives a large company with expensive stock like Google. Related factors of differentiation and switching costs are, as in the bargaining power of suppliers, related to this relationship. This shows how many of the forces in competition that the public sees have a symbiotic or integrated function with one another. In most cases, the terms related to the bargaining power of suppliers can be reversed in favor of the buyer and provide an adequate description of this facet of a socio cultural model. The market force model of industry analysis is, stemming rationally from this perspective, a tool that is primarily used by management to assess competitive issues within an industry like that of Google’s. The socio cultural or internal business culture of teamwork and integration could also be said to affect Google in terms of the alliances it has formed with other, similar IT companies providing their various goods and services.
5. I would like to work at Google. I like their laid-back attitude, vertical communication structure, and pay scales. I also understand that they have very competitive benefits packages, as compared to what I am presently accustomed to. Therefore, I would hope to work there.
The Google culture (2009).
Corporate information—Company Overview (2009). Read More
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