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Google case study Assignment 1: Chaos management style is one of the most important forms of managing an organisational structure of large size. From the twenty-first century this chaos has become an important concept in the management circles. There are wide uses of this theory in all forms of management studies…
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HR google case study
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Download file to see previous pages In human resource management studies theories do not match exactly with the observations of the reality. These divergences between the reality and the theory are described by the largely by the chaos theory. Almost all business houses use this theory to manage their internal human resources. But some of them apply their own understanding of the theory and management system. Google is one of those business houses which are more concerned about applying their own style of chaos management. This paper tries to evaluate Google’s chaos management style and its advantages and disadvantages and also tries to judge whether this strategy can be sustainably used in the future. Importance of chaos management style: Chaos management style is not a new concept. In 1988 Tom Peter, in his book Thriving on Chaos: Handbook for a Management Revolution, has shown the importance of the theory in management theories. During this era most of the businesses and managers were in the same line regarding their view on chaos in the management. They have argued that chaos needs to be avoided at any cost. Chaos in the management system was one of the most hated concepts by the managers and businesses. But once managers have realised that they have to survive in the new, fast-growing world they have to learn more about the theory and to apply it in the context of their businesses. With the disappearance of the ordered working class, electrical type writers and mailing posts the need for understanding and need to apply the theory in favour of the growth of businesses started to rise. In this regard the company that has learnt used the theory was Goolge. The company has used the theory at large in their human resource management strategies and has increased its profits and revenues to great extent (Googling out of control: Can Google’s chaos management style ensure continuing success?, 2007, p.25). Brief history of Google: Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two graduate students at Stanford University in California, developed Google as a search engine as part of their graduate research project. In 1996 Google was first introduced as a search engine in Stanford University’s internal wed sites. From 1998 it became the complete commercial company. After its foundation it became the largest search engine company in the world. Google and chaos management system: Google is a prominent example of the company that has used chaos and has succeeded to earn profits from it. With the advent of use of new technologies in the businesses the need for the theory increased at a large scale. While traditional businesses were more concerned about manufacture, sale and distribute goods and services, modern businesses use technologies at large scales and their companies cover large areas of businesses. Hence, the need for understanding and using the theory is more for them. Rapid uses of Internet, cell phones, fax, photocopies have made all these businesses to apply the theory. Hence, people started to use the theory in different internal and external structures of their business organisations. Google understands this fact and starts to apply the theory in its human resource management section and have gained large benefits. The chaos management system is one of the most important ways to handle the modern working environment “where information ‘‘storms’’ can create information overload” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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