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It involves the transformation of reality into a surface of paper, board, wall, floor, roof, or any other surface appropriate to a situation. Painting is my number one hobby since I learnt it when I was younger in my…
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Teaching Activity & Reflection Painting is an act of expression through art and science. It involves the transformation of reality into a surface of paper, board, wall, floor, roof, or any other surface appropriate to a situation. Painting is my number one hobby since I learnt it when I was younger in my junior grades. I leant it through apprenticeship and observation from my uncle who is a painter. Since then I have been painting as an act of self expression and appreciation of objects and things from my perspective and understanding of them. This involves a keen sense of observation and interpretation in order to give the real meaning of the painted object.
Since painting is mode of communication, it involves a lot of learning processes that goes with learning how to communicate. I leant the skill of painting through a step-by-step means of learning just like it occurs when a child learns speech. I was first taught how to connect the visual image observed with the mental image on how it should appear on paper. This is just like the act of mapping of words in children learning language. As I was learning this, the idea to my uncle was not that I had to be perfect but to be sure that I could transfer an idea from its point of stand to a paper through visually and through painting. This became possible through his observations and guidance in the theory of cognitive learning. Read More
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