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Light and modified duty program is a temporary, progressive and goal oriented program implemented by this business to return an injured employee to duty, as soon as the move is on medical sound grounds. The benefit of this approach is to meet short-term disabilities such as…
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Exam #2
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Exam 2 due Light and modified duty program is a temporary, progressive and goal orientedprogram implemented by this business to return an injured employee to duty, as soon as the move is on medical sound grounds. The benefit of this approach is to meet short-term disabilities such as work related injuries and or illness into any light duty program. This program enables an employee to return to work in a temporary modified duty capacity. This move reduces the emotional and economic costs that the employee and business will incur respectively. This program is assured to deliver smart savings during the challenging financial era that Old Dog Company is experiencing. By implementing this program, the company gets the following benefits:
a. Decrease insurance overhead
b. Decrease hiring and job training costs
c. Decrease the frequency of lost time claims, litigation costs, fraud, abuse, and injury rates
d. Stabilize wage and production costs
e. Maintain production and quality standards
Light and modified duty program offers cost savings opportunity for the company to control workers’ compensation and disability costs. A well developed Light and modified duty program must contain the senior management’s support and cultural acceptance by the location management of the program. In addition, a well-made light/modified duty program contains a detailed job description for each task done in the workplace. Potential questions include: A). will there be a rising cost of workers’ compensation and healthcare? –the answer to this question is no, the program in conjunction with the transitional duty will manage this. Also, it is more efficient to pay an employee working at 50% as opposed to paying for workers compensations which is 0% productivity to the company. B). in case of injury, which will be responsible? The answer to this question is, the responsible individuals include the injured employee, supervisor, and program coordinator
2. Several employment laws have proven to present barriers and pitfalls to a light/modified duty program. They include:
a. Family medical leave act- Only serious health conditions of the employee constitutes a modified work program. This act is only relevant in cases where the employee has a serious accident, with the approval of a medical practioner.
b. The Americans with disabilities act- This act enables employers to make permanent reservations for employees who are disabled. This means that disabled employees do light duty task. If no outcome is predestined for the light duty program and the employer requests no follow up information, the employer may be sued. Although the employee may be working under the light and modified duty programs, follow up data is necessary.
c. Workers compensation statutes- Actual disabilities qualify someone for this act and for a modified work program. An employer may be sued if found to make a sick or injured employee work as this is against the state union laws. To cross this obstacle, the union must be presented with extensive program benefits. In situations where the employee is receiving the whole salary while working under light and modified duty program, both the union and employee will benefit from the program once implemented.
3. First and foremost, I would visit the site and identify all the hazards that an employee could encounter, in addition, I would also determine whether safety and health measures are followed. This is by examining a written safety program that the company has. This is effective in coming up with a generic, non- exhaustive overview of the particular standards related to the company activities. Next, I would perform an impromptu site inspection and check the documentation during the spontaneous site visit i.e. training dates, accident/ incident rates, to gather data. Lastly, I would determine the effectiveness of the training and revise the training program as per comments from the employees and supervisors; this will be done by use of interviews (personal).
4. Development and implementation of light/modified duty program are dependent on the cooperative efforts of all stakeholders (employers, employees, insurer, and health practitioners). Development of this program will entail having all systems in order to ascertain that all stakeholders in the workplace agree, comprehend, and know what and how to act in the case of an accident/ incident. This means that there must be early reporting of injuries, as well as early intervention. And a job hazard analysis has to be performed. First, I would make a comprehensive list of all tasks within the factory and start implementing possible tasks that individuals under a modified work program can do. Next, I would train all employees on the new program (modified work program). Writing a work policy and ensuring proper communication in the company will follow. All stakeholders must work together. The employers have to document all policies and procedures outlining the system in the management of injured workers. In addition, the company must liaise with the insurance company, where the insurer will develop an injury management program and plan. This I will do by consulting any injured employee concerning the modified work program and accompany them to the health care practioner. After the program has been implemented I would focus on hazard prevention in the company. Furthermore, the effectiveness and relevance of the program must be reviewed on a regularly and agreed on by the relevant parties. The program should also set particular dates for review appropriate to the circumstances of the workplace environment.
Fennelly, L. (2012). Effective Physical Security. (pp. 96,257-260,269,). Butterworth-Heinemann. Retrieved April 7, 2014 from Read More
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