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HRM Competencies CHAPER1,4,11 - Essay Example

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Training may also be regarded as learning. However, when regarding it as learning, the involvement of a mentor should be included. In an argument by Okpara & Wynn (2008) training involves…
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HRM Competencies CHAPER1,4,11
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, in this case training is mainly done to expose the employees to job requirements.
Development refers to the ability to enable one perfect the skills they possess. In organizations, development is used to increase the effectiveness of human resources. In addition, HR professions are responsible for career development of employees. Ulrich (2012) say that this can be achieved through the provision of tools and resources aimed increasing the involvement of an employee in certain activities. Additionally, all employees require career development strategies aimed at improving their expertise in their professional field. In general development can be referred to as improvement of an employee’s professional abilities. Development can also be efficiently achieved through learning.
This paper analyzes the function of the HR profession as a trainer or developer. In addition, the paper will analyze the suitability of the requirements to create an exceptional training and development programs.
For a HR profession to put in place functional development and training frameworks, they should realize the relation between the two vices. In an argument by Vyas (2009)development includes training of human resources to fit a particular job description of their professional alignment. This can also be perceived as development. Career development in organizations is mainly done through training. From this argument, one may assert that training is the main requirements of development and a HR developer should merge the two requirements.
The main requirement of a HR developer is to create a development framework that suits the need of both the organization and the employees. In an argument by Petrescu & Simmons (2008), the organization should also provide specificationsto the developer on the nature of required development frameworks. Vyas (2009)also argues that the relationship between the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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