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More women are now employed in male-dominated industries and occupations. More women currently hold upper-management positions in both private and public…
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Learning Activity
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"Learning Activity"

Download file to see previous pages aifi, and Khanfar (2013) talked about women’s “lapses in employment” that occur when they leave work to give birth and take care of their young children that, in turn, reduce the work experience that is needed for higher pay and job promotion (p.243). In addition, numerous women persist in feeling bound to traditional gender roles and responsibilities, so they feel less aggressive in the workplace. Shriver (2009) mentioned women who are raised to be inferior to their brothers and to focus on home and family activities, thus, when they grow up, they do not exactly want an engaging career or business environment. In the workplace, these kinds of women are not seen and promoted equally as men because of social mindsets and practices that curtail their abilities to be effective employees or businesspeople. When these attitudes and practices about women interact, equal employment is not fully felt and applied at work.
I agree that there is a correlation between how women are treated in society and how they are treated in the workforce. If women are socially perceived as capable and confident individuals who can get their jobs done despite multiple tasks, then HR managers or owners will hire them because of their positive attitudes and employability. If women are seen as lacking confidence and unreliable at work, then they will also be hardly hired and developed for more competitive jobs. Parcheta, Kaifi, and Khanfar (2013) noted that if society sees women as emotionally, or even, intellectually weaker, than men, it will pay women less and will not recognize their management potential (p.242). In addition, if society sees women as doing only gender-stereotyped roles and responsibilities, then they will also be hired for these kinds of “feminine” work only, such working in caring and educational roles (Parcheta, Kaifi, Khanfarm, 2013, p.243). However, if society sees women as equally capable in personal and work life, then their gender will not be a hindrance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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