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Such feedback helps to identify the specific needs of the customers which can be readily addressed by the organisation thus raising the level of…
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The Quality of Paradigm
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Extract of sample "The Quality of Paradigm"

Running Head: Quality Paradigm Quality Paradigm s Search the internet for service training” to see whatcompanies offer and what topics are covered?
Usually following modules are offered in the course for customer service training:
Understanding customer services
Focusing on the customer
Handling complaints
Delivering excellent services via phone or email
Coping with stress
Develop some ways of getting customers feedback about your services. How can u most effectively use this information?
One can attain customers’ feedback effectively through:
Surveys – to assure precise and accurate feedback from large pool of sample
Ask for negative features left in the services
Ask for suggestions to add specific features and improvement ways
Use email and other modern communication ways to collect feedback
(Berman, 2006 pg. 12-13)
Customers’ feedback can be positively used for process of reengineering and for continuous improvement which is the crux of TQM. Such feedback helps to identify the specific needs of the customers which can be readily addressed by the organisation thus raising the level of customers’ satisfaction.
(Berman, 2006 pg. 3)
Which values or practices of TQM do you like? How do they differ from traditional ones? How do they differ from the practices in your current organisation? What arguments or steps might be made to advance TQM values or practice in your organisation? What counterarguments do you expect and how will you deal with this?
The most liked TQM practices include:
Information technology application
Flat structure
Decentralised planning
Continuous improvement
Performance appraisal
Integrated data system
The above values are different from the traditional ones as traditionally following values are practiced:
Hierarchic structure
Centralised planning
Post hoc inspection
Low priority training
Individual performance appraisal
Separate data system
(Berman, 2006 pg. 5)
In the current organisation, front line workers are held responsible for poor performance and information system is not updated as per contemporary needs. Also training is not prioritised as it must be in order to meet needs of stakeholders. Such weaknesses can be improved by applying TQM principles like by integrating information system, applying decentralised approach, continuous improvement and above all prioritising customer services. It could be criticised as these steps are costly but the cost may give return in the long run and TQM is strategic in nature which will be harvested in the future.
Berman, Evan M.(2006). Performance and productivity and Nonprofit Organizations. Second Edition. ME. Sharpe Read More
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